The repair of the Macarthur Cowpasture Bridge involved a comprehensive process of creating defect survey drawings and documents for concrete repairs. These were necessary for the NSW government documentation required to close the project. As EPTEC PTY LTD was responsible for carrying out this project successfully, we supported them in design and drafting. Creating these defect survey drawings and documents was a complex and technical task. The project team required high expertise to understand the government documentation procedure, evaluate the bridge's condition, and determine the best concrete repair methods. Communication with the authorities at EPTEC PTY LTD was also essential to ensure that the drawings were accurate and complete and met the NSW government documentation procedure requirements. The Macarthur Cowpasture Bridge Repair project was completed within budget and on time. The benefits of creating defect survey drawings and documents for concrete repairs per the NSW government documentation procedure include improved accuracy, lower risk of errors, better communication between stakeholders, reduced time and cost, increased safety, and improved quality. This project is an excellent example of how the procedure can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of bridge repair projects. The project involved several specific tasks, including understanding the NSW government documentation procedure, inspecting the bridge's condition, developing a plan for concrete repair, preparing accurate and complete drawings, reviewing and approving the drawings, procuring materials and equipment, constructing the repairs, and testing and commissioning them. The defect survey drawings and documents were created successfully, meeting all requirements of the NSW government documentation procedure. We support government and civil drafting projects, and please do not hesitate to contact us at any time at [email protected]. Our team of experts is always available to provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance.