> **_Through Human resource plan all members roles and responsibilities are set based on how to acquire set timeline, provide skill training, review performance and reward._**   - _Human resource management is the process through which management builds the workforce and tries to create the human performances that the organisation needs. (Boxall and Purcell, 2016:7). There are various features in human resource managements as it is full of research and development in its own to understand employees under various situations. When projects are small and temporary then HR plays key role for human configuration on organizational projects change and there exists more discontinuity of members compared to normal operation team [Turner and Müller, 2003]. Project manager also has human resource skills at,_ - _Managing project budget and time line,_ - _Monitoring and controlling resources [people]_ - _Stakeholders communication_ - _Continuous development of change management plans_ Our team at R&D department is people focused and all projects carries reward program to complete project within allocated time frame. Human resource at our organization is more concentrating towards employees behavior, safety at work, and support them to help keep work satisfaction where managers functions to keep equal right of every employee. I see **contingency theory** practice, as our business changes its structure to meet customer needs by reforming organisations strategy from technology point and develop teams according to those projects. Being said that _Human resource_ has developed to adapt changes in engineering technology and moved from first revolution of engineering to fourth revolution by adapting cloud based robotic engineering by training individuals who can adapt to the business and by getting fresh engineering graduates, but the down side of this style of management eliminates old employees throwing out of business there is saying in project meeting that some has to be dropped out and some to be bought in for the business needs. I am against some of these bureaucracy theories as there visions are focused on big pictures in terms of business revenues and less concerns showed to lower project teams & individuals. As a small projects leader I feel more towards my small team and focus on there ability, thoughts and emotions because transnational leadership [From _Business: The Ultimate Resource]_ is more relational and effective in project performance. Revolution in project management is important, HR needs special care to be taken in recruiting as most general projects in 18th and 19th century were urban and industrial developments, then around first world war projects started to become innovative by collaboration of different field for unique products as steel, oil, electricity, etc., then around 1980s things became robust and computerized where projects started moving from physical to digital ways and now projects run on virtual environments and cloud technology is dominating to integrate business. If team members are unable to produce adequate result then there is risk in project completion, so always need to consider team to be recruited and trained to next level of business at forming stage for today’s projects/business. Today’s projects are not much technological but are more relying on communication and connectivity _[wiki, Industrial Revolution, 16 January 2019]_ so project managers no need to be highly technically skilled but needs more leadership skills with human resource planning and arrangements. Project manager’s HR plans depends on business structure as most of project phases today moved to various geographical locations and global cloud systems had dominated in team/individuals connectivity, example standard components manufacturing, design and drafting phase can be located at any part of the world and controlled by leaders  with the responsibilities, functions and behaviors. Our project manager is more focused on delivering set number of projects per year and his leadership skills starts from transformational leadership _[from Business: The Ultimate Resource]_ where he is icon or inspiration to team by taking most of his time in problem solving and supporting individuals in critical situations, and being a research and development projects team there are changes in projects phases and project manager shows maturity in leading team as it says ‘leaders are as good as their followers’ _[Situational leadership theory, from the New Penguin Business Dictionary]_. In all stages irrespective to geographical locations PM involves in every decisions and do brain storming to get the right idea through his project’s big picture. In same stage he supports team and members to keep healthy and fresh work environment. As one of our company policy is to respect colleagues irrespective of there position or failures to keep strong and robust relationship within team for project success. And because of research and development project nature there is change within projects and all members are prepared to adapt change, Leader ensures the change is successful _(RBS Group 2013), th_ere is always change in leader’s behavior based on environment and situations _(Amanchukwu, Stanley & Oloube 2015, McLaurin 2006, Peretomode 2012)._ The key things I observed is creating human resource plan, skills identification within project, project manager always integrates team in conflicts and allows to form social groups. _Resource Management 2004. Author: Huemann, Martina | Turner, J. Rodney | Keegan, Anne E._ states 3 types of leadership behaviors requirements, - Assignment – Which is recruiting right people for particular projects. - Project leadership – which is task, building, and maintenance of the project team, and care for the individuals in the team _(Adair, 1983; Turner, 1999)._ - Dispersement – which is team disperse at the end of project with bitterness and anger. Observed key areas of project manager in HR management is building relationship with connected business units and communicates to understand and clarify projects and business needs. Planning at project initial stage PM look in to various available resources and re-evaluates his approach by mix matching team members to complete tasks and always motivate team to focus on project success and communicates positively with members and stakeholders. At every change within project PM identifies stakeholders can be effected by change and involve them with heaps of information and communicates with higher management for change management activities to be included in project. I saw best leader as one who looked over everything within project needs and members has set him idol religiously, there is a great quote about leadership/management “_Your employees aren’t just there to make your job better. You’re there to make their jobs better” [Ben Slater January, 2015]._ **Conclusion** Being said that human resource management practice requires proper planning on needs based on recruiting staff, encouraging through rewards programs, training teams and individuals, meeting safety and health needs of employees and managing employees relations. Human resource management needs to work towards maintaining an atmosphere to work. A good working atmosphere is very necessary for effective working in an organization, as it benefits the employees in becoming more productive (Werner, Schuler and Jackson, 2012). - HRM needs to support new employees by setting team leader/mentor at projects initial stage, - As project is temporary and every project is unique which requires HR to recreate majority of project team for every projects. - HR is important part of project system as it removes certain controls on individuals, keeps individuals accountable, provide job freedom, allowing to experiment new and difficult tasks, enable individuals to take specialized tasks and show expertise _[Project Management Quarterly, Murdick, R. G (1976). Managing human resources in project management]_. 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