There are extreme situations or crisis in Projects as, project pushed on faster phase due to some changes, some defense and corporate projects frequently changes project requirements as they progress. Our research and development projects are always on trial and error method so its hard to identify progress of work and to plan exactly remaining work left [time wise] and they got errors to be fixed at every stages. _As_ [_Ashley Coolman_]( _[wrike, 2019] writes projects should be “People-driven projects, instead of process-driven (people don’t adapt their projects to fit the model, they adapt models to fit the project)”_ **Preferred three theories and or tools to assist a PM from my point** As all leadership theories are adaptive in one nor other situations but from present experience I stated leadership styles here, **Democratic leaders,** which describes behavior of leader by involving team to participate in making decision even after knowing leader had full authority to take decisions, even thou it is difficult to manage and collaborate different ideas but it works in our R&D projects as leaders are more experienced to pick right ideas and allocate to team and it is success style from past 20 years. **Supportive Leader Behavior,** this style works best in Australian culture from my experience employees prefer more towards well being, less stress, less frustration at work places in most jobs including from normal engineering to medical services where jobs are more physical and stressful. And at our R&D team it is very helpful in generating new and innovative ideas. **Transformational Leadership,** is key tool among all, as leader and team are supportive to each other and shows high moral respect. Its important for leaders to set vision beyond individuals self-interest and inspire team members to reach goals. By keeping high expectations in project and team motivates team vision and encourages each others to achieve goals. In-fact relationship is key for all success and failure, so stronger and trust based relationship within project team leads to success. **References:**     - What is Extreme Project Management and is it Right for Your Team?. 2019. [ONLINE] Available at: []( [Accessed 04 January 2019]. - Core Leadership Theories – Leadership Skills From 2019. [ONLINE] Available at: []( [Accessed 04 January 2019]. - The Path-Goal Theory of Leadership in Companies | 2019. [ONLINE] Available at: []( [Accessed 04 January 2019]. - Transformational Leadership – Leadership Training from 2019. [ONLINE] Available at: []( [Accessed 04 January 2019].