Core values help you to make organisational belief, build an organisational culture and take the organisation to the next level.  Before understanding core values, let us discuss about organizational beliefs. # Organisational Belief Belief is the feeling of certainty, permanence, assurance, and rigidity. Belief includes two things: - **Internal:** It is your internal interpretation about something. - **External:** It is the interpretation about something based on the reference point, experience of other people, and your association’s opinion on it. If you can give the core values as the reference point, experience, or association to someone, then it will affect the internal interpretation of a person and slowly it will become the belief of someone. You cannot change the internal interpretation of a person easily. So, you should first give him some reference points so that it can become his belief. When you influence the opinion of someone through reference point, experience, or association, then it will become a massive belief. This massive belief is proof that how will an individual perform. **For example:** Monday comes [after Sunday](x-apple-data-detectors://1) and Tuesday comes [after Monday](x-apple-data-detectors://3). This is a massive belief of a person because all the reference points, he gets support this belief. If the reference point and interpretation is wrong, then it will build a wrong belief and vice-versa. If your reference point and interpretation is around your goal statement, then your employees’ belief on your goal statement increases. They will start working on your goal statement. As a table needs pillars to stand, similarly, you need strong pillars to build a new belief in your organisation. An optimistic person can change the game with the right belief pattern. However, if there is a negative belief pattern, then it will over your game. **Examples of negative beliefs:** - There is no use of crying over spilled milk: You should cry over it; otherwise you will do it again. - What’s the use of regretting now when the bird has already pecked the field? – You should regret on it; otherwise it will happen again. - After eating a hundred mice, the cat goes on a pilgrimage – This is a wrong belief. If the negative or wrong belief keeps on increasing, then it can lead to the feeling of permanence. This feeling of permanence is very powerful. **For example:** - In government jobs, people have very strong permanence feeling.  - In AIIMS hospital, if the lunchtime is [1.30 pm](x-apple-data-detectors://4)and there is a highly critical patient in the line of OPD, then also the employee will close the counter at 1.30 because it is his/her lunchtime. It is because of his permanence belief. - People of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have belief in government jobs while people in Rajasthan and Gujarat have belief on business.  Thus, beliefs are very powerful. So, you should collect correct or right interpretation and reference points (or experience) to build the right beliefs. This is your practice. Here, detachment means that you should get away from all the things and people who are giving you wrong interpretation and reference points.  # Framework of Execution ## What are the core values of your organisation? Core values of an organisation can be: - Dependability - Reliability - Loyalty - Commitment - Being Open - Involving customer - Consistency - Efficiency - Compassion - Collaboration - Focus on Impact - Outperform - Fast Mover - Innovation - Entrepreneurial spirit - Positivity - Keep it simple - Service to others Some organisations make a sentence or phrases by joining these core values. Let us see some examples of the core values of some of the big brands. | | | | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | **Core Values** | | | | **General Electric** | **Adidas** | **Coca Cola** | | · Passion for our customer<br><br>· Every person, every idea counts<br><br>· Passion for learning and sharing ideas<br><br>· Commitment to delivering the results in every environment | · Performance<br><br>· Passion<br><br>· Integrity<br><br>· Diversity | · Leadership<br><br>· Collaboration<br><br>· Integrity<br><br>· Accountability<br><br>· Passion<br><br>· Diversity<br><br>· Quality | | **Microsoft** | **Amazon** | **PepsiCo** | | · Innovation<br><br>· Diversity and Inclusion<br><br>· Corporate<br><br>· Social Responsibility<br><br>· Trustworthiness<br><br>· Philanthropies | · Customer Obsession<br><br>· Ownership<br><br>· Invent and simplify<br><br>· Hire and develop the best<br><br>· Think big<br><br>· Earn the trust of others<br><br>· Have a backbone, Disagree, and commit<br><br>· Deliver results | · Sustained growth<br><br>· Empower people<br><br>· Responsibility and trust | | **Nike** | **Unilever** | **Facebook** | | · Performance<br><br>· Authenticity<br><br>· Innovation<br><br>· Stability | · Integrity<br><br>· Responsibility<br><br>· Respect<br><br>· Pioneering | · Be bold<br><br>· Focus on Impact<br><br>· Move Fast<br><br>· Be Open<br><br>· Build social value | | **Procter and Gamble (P&G)** | | | | · Integrity<br><br>· Leadership<br><br>· Ownership<br><br>· Passion for winning<br><br>· Trust | | | So, you should: - Identify and build your core values - Tell your core values to your employees again and again so that they always remember them Your core values can be: - Customer centricity, which means customer is first - Internal collaboration, which means collaboration of your employees - Ownership, which means an employee will do any work as an owner and take the complete responsibility of the work.  These core values will help in building the beliefs of the employees. ## Write your compelling exciting story. - Write a compelling exciting story of your organisation wherein you mention about the beliefs of the organisation that will help in removing the parasites and increasing the performers in the organisation. - Share this compelling exciting story with every department of your oganisation. Your core values and compelling exciting story will help you to emotionally bind your employees. **For example:** - The core value and story of Baba Ramdev is Swadeshi, i.e. we will sell the products of our country. He says, “Swadeshi Apnayenge, Desh ko bachayenge.” - Hitler made a story – You are Aryans. - Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps on making several stories like Swachh Bharat Andolan, International Yoga Day, and Lockdown COV-19 stories. He runs campaigns for all these stories. ## Write the name of your Gems who will help you in spreading your story. - Identify your gems in your organisation. - Train them as your positive agents to spread your story because a negative story can easily spread but for spreading a positive story, you need people, team, and partners Your gems will spread your core values and story in the entire organisation and this will become your organisational culture, which will reflect when a customer visits you and the customer will develop a positive belief about you. ## Write your milestones and actionable along with dates and days. - Write in how many days what you will achieve. - Write the actions you will take to achieve the milestones. - Decide how many meetings and when will you conduct these meetings to make your employees aware about the actionable and milestones. - Decide how you will inform them about the actionable and milestones through email, social media, internal webinar, or physical meeting. - Ask your leaders to provide internal or external training, counselling, teaching, mentoring, or coaching to their team to perform the action steps and reach the milestones. - Your core values and organizational beliefs will make your organisation strong and take it to the next level.