How you can know what is going in your company, make your system better, and profitable with help of reviews. How you should set the reviews to know what is going in your company. In many companies reviews are taken haphazardly like without prior informing, you call someone and ask what happen today, and tell what happened last week. So, you don’t have any way to take the review. Without proper reviews, you don’t come to know what is happening in the company and your leaders are not ready to give you information properly. So today we will tell you how by allocating a single day you can take a good review and make meetings efficient and effective. We call this 9 AM to 9 PM review. The entire day will be the review day with all departments; no other work on that day will be done. # Steps in Setting the Review Day** ### 1. Allocate an entire day in the week - As per you and companies’ convenience fix up any day maybe Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, etc. for the review. - Take the reviews on that day and finish it on that day itself, no other work, even if takes 12 hours. Suppose you start the review say at 9:00 AM and it ends at 9:00 PM. Why this is required? This is required because it gives direction to your company and direction leads to good growing conditions for your company. So you have to see how you can take out one day for review. Don’t do any external meetings and ask all your leaders, stakeholders to gather one place and then take the review. ### **2. Define all the departments** With which departments you are going to meet, define the. Like if you are meeting with Marketing, Finance, Sales, Production, Purchase, Human resource, Technology, etc. So, decide which departments you are meeting. ### **3. Frequency of Review Meeting** What will be the frequency of the review meeting? Like will you be meeting once a week, or twice a week? Meetings you have to do every week but few departments are not critical, you need not require meeting them every day, you may meet them after 2 weeks, or 4 weeks as required because these departments are not critical. **Example:** In real estate sales and engineering is important. Why because sales sell and engineering makes the building. So you have to meet them every week. But like HR, Technology is not so important here, so you can meet them twice a week. ### **4. Time Allocation** Suppose you decide that all leaders, company heads, executives will gather for meeting at 9:00 AM. All will meet at 9:00 AM and brainstorm each other, will discuss each other’s issues, set companies’ direction. So every Monday you set to meet Executives Committee and after that, you can plan the day. It is very necessary that you plan the day and go accordingly. Suppose if you have decided that the executive meeting will be from 9 AM to 10:30 AM, then wind up it by 10:30 AM. So, meet with an agenda and finish the meeting with that agenda in allocated time further moving to the next meeting. ### **5. Have Presentation in Ready Format** Tell all your leaders beforehand that they are supposed to prepare a presentation with all information’s that you need. After the presentation, you can decide which things are going critical, what is going good, and where you have to pay attention to. Make a format for taking this information, else you will get information in a very haphazard manner and you would not be able to take any decision. You may ask your Executive Assistant that they may call for a presentation before 2 days of the meeting. Study them so that the meeting is more effective. ### **6. Have someone to write minutes of meeting and follow up** There should be someone in the meeting who make minutes of the meeting. Immediately after meeting gets over make minutes of meeting without any delays and sent to the teams who were there in that meeting. Take follow up on the completion of tasks allocated to them at regular intervals. Do they need any help or support or if facing any problem. So, follow up on the work assigned to the teams through your Executive Assistant or personal assistant. ### **7. One’s life may be lost, but a promise must not be broken** Whichever day and whenever you have decided and called for the meeting, whatever happens, keep the meeting for sure. If Corona Virus comes then do the meeting on Zoom, hangout. Anyhow you hold this meeting but you have to hold and conduct this meeting. If you will not inculcate this discipline in your company then no one would seriously take up these meetings. Like in a real estate business we use to keep meeting on Monday - 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM –Executive Committee Meeting - After this, we were meeting Liaoning or approval teams for 1 hour and discuss on approvals received and pending approvals. Which approvals bringing will increase the company’s collection. Then conclude on it. - Then we use to do a meeting with the marketing team and discuss what initiatives are taken on marketing. After this meeting was done with construction. With them, we use to give 3 hours. Here we had to see on the progress of projects, materials purchased, left purchases, where are delays. - Then we use to do a meeting with Sales. By this meeting we come to know material sales, collections received, how many agreements are signed, what problems are coming. - And the last meeting was with the Facility that how facility management is going in the projects. Check if our customers are not angry due to bad facilities and discuss them with solutions. So, every Monday all these meetings were slotted. Some meetings like with HR were done in alternate weeks. Initial 4-5 weeks many problems raised but gradually employees got adjusted with it and were comfortable. Everyone was coming on time, going on time, and brought their entire work done which made meetings effective. You may feel that you were not knowing many things about the company, it’s because you never took a review. You will come to know many good things and a few bad things. On bad things don’t scold your team, in fact, encourage them to bring more bad things to you because if today you will scold them, they would never tell you any negatives about the company and your business will face a big loss. So people giving bad news always should be remunerated. **Example:** Our professor Ramesh Aggarwal from Aggarwal Movers& Packers private limited has a manthan day every Wednesday in their company. He tells them that whosoever will give him news about what the customer has a complaint; he will give that person INR 500. So you also remunerate people who tell problems to you. Do manthan on that problem and get a solution on it so that business gets better. Down the line meetings will be smooth with faster information received. You may find that 3hours meeting now takes only 1hour as the system will be set very nicely, reports will come properly. And when you will feel that now you can run the business efficiently you may change the frequency of this meeting like instead of once a week you may keep it twice a week. It will depend on how confident you are feeling on your reviews. Your days will be very productive if you keep review meetings based on the above points and will save time by not taking reviews again and again. Entertainment to profitable journey is in your hands. Business will be profitable if you do reviews and make the system better.