How taking notes to help in making your business meetings efficient. There are a lot of meetings that you conduct in your business. However, meetings are the biggest reason of wasting time. All the successful business owners of the world say: **Meetings should not be of more than 30 minutes. As, if you are not able to achieve anything in 30 minutes, then you are very inefficient**. The right and the most critical way to conduct any meeting efficiently is note-taking. If you conduct a meeting and take notes (which are actually the key outcomes of the meeting) properly, you and your team would be able to implement those outcomes properly. On the other hand, if you don’t make the notes properly, you will never be able to implement the main outcomes of the meeting and will keep on conducting one meeting after another without reaching the final decision. In this video, you will learn about 4 frameworks of note-taking. These frameworks will enable you to make notes of the business meetings efficiently and implement them so that the results are clearly visible on your business. To help you understand how to make notes, the video is divided into 3 parts: - **What? -** What would be the impact of notes? - **Why? -** Why is it important to make notes? - **How? -** How to approach the complete note-making framework? Let us discuss the four frameworks in detail. ## The Cornell Note-Taking Method In this framework, an A4 sheet is divided into the following three parts: - **Cues -** These are the notes that you take after the meeting. In cues, you mention the key points of the meeting. For example, while watching a video on YouTube, an ad automatically gets displayed by YouTube and that ad is a cue. - **Notes -** These are the points that you make during the meeting. Now, it is not necessary that with every cue, there will be a note. But largely, under every cue, you write 3 to 4 notes and after that, you move to the next cue. - **Summary -** At the end of the framework, there is a section of the summary. Here, you can summarise the action points of the meeting. ## The Mapping Note -Taking Method This method is used by many corporates especially product companies. Also, product managers use this method a lot. The method largely covers the agenda of the meeting. In this framework: - Firstly, write the agenda of your meeting. - Secondly, divide the agenda into agenda 1, agenda 2, agenda 3, agenda 4, agenda 5, and so on. This means there is one main agenda and it gets divided into sub agendas. For example, you have conducted a meeting to talk about technology, user experience, customer experience, and feedback. Every topic you wish to cover in the meeting can be your sub agenda. - After mentioning the sub agendas, you must write the details of all the agendas. This will help you understand what you will achieve or what outcome you will generate if you complete the agendas. - After mentioning the details, write all the points discussed in the meeting to achieve the agenda. The mapping method is used by many product managers because it helps the brain to think efficiently as you clearly know that there is one main agenda and there are various sub agendas along with key detailing and points about every agenda. Also, the agenda and the sub-agenda should be mentioned in a way that is easy to understand. When you finish your meeting and give the print out of your notes to the team members, the notes should be so clearly visible that they are able to implement their work easily without any confusion. ## The Charting Note Taking Method - In this framework, you will see the format with a section of the main agenda at the top, wherein you will mention the main agenda of your meeting. - In the second step, there are sub-topics of a single agenda. This means that you will not be covering 5 things in a single meeting instead, you will be covering only 1 agenda along with the subtopics in a 30-minutes meeting. These sub-topics can be 1,2,3, 4, or more in number. - Under these sub-topics, you will give point-wise details. - This method is very similar to the mapping note-taking method with a difference that mapping the note-taking method is useful for project management and this method is useful for everything. - This method also helps in making your junior employees understand the agenda of the meeting, its subtopics, and the points to be remembered while working on the agenda. Charting note-taking method is largely for those meetings that include theoretical discussions, HR meetings, and marketing meetings and not for finance or sales meetings. You will have to understand that the different methods explained above won’t work for every meeting.  You have to figure out the right method for your meeting. ## The Outlining Note- Taking Method This method was created for students but can also be used in the business meetings. In this framework: - You will see the main agenda-1 on top followed by main agenda-2 and main agenda-3 as one meeting can have multiple agendas as discussed in the previous method.  - There may also be one big agenda. For example, a meeting can have one big agenda – technology, which can have several sub agendas like CRM, ERP, customer experience, app, and payment portal. All these sub agendas may need to be discussed in a single meeting or you can consider them as main agendas that require discussions. - On a sheet, write the main agenda (say, technology) on the top and write key sub agendas below that followed by key sub-points. All the sub-points should be executable/actionable points. For example, in a meeting, you say that you wish to implement a new feature in CRM in the next 3 days, 6 days, or 3 months. Your sub-points would be: 1. Key features to be implemented in the CRM 2. Within six days 3. Ownership of (who in your organisation or outside your organisation can do it) The above 4 note-taking methods mentioned can be implemented immediately to ensure efficient meetings. Efficiency is created only when data is captured properly. That is why it is important to implement these 4 methods with your team immediately. For this, you should: - **Choose the right note-taking method:** Ask your team to implement the right note-taking method as per their work in every meeting. - **Share the notes with teammates:** If your team is making hand-written notes, ask your team to take a picture and upload the notes on Google Cloud. However, if your team is making notes on the laptop, ask them to save the folder on Google Cloud so that the notes are available to everyone in the team. **Framework Tip:** The tip will help you to implement the note-taking method properly. The tip is: - In every meeting, you must give the ownership of notes to an individual because at times, you get too much engrossed in the meeting and might miss a point. - The individual making notes in the meeting can be someone from the CEO’s office team. - He will take notes and distribute them so that your team can implement them. - The minute you start implementing the notes, your business will grow more efficiently. One more thing, the most efficient companies in the world use the above 4 note-taking methods. If you are part of any big product company, you will see that they will be using these 4 note-taking methods in their meetings.