# Project Report Benefits ### **1. Detailed Description of Company** It helps you to tell about your company in detail like, - its growth - financial status - capability - futuristic plans ### **2. Predetermined Crisis** By making a report, you come to know about any risk or dangers in advance only and you are saved from any future losses. ### **3 Influence on others** It can be used to impress the other parties like the client, government, and employee. ### **4 Large Ticket Size Items** Large value transactions require a project report. So it helps in large value transactions. These reports are a hit in: - Business to Government - Business to Business # **Objective of Project Report** ### **1. Fund Raising** If you want to take a loan from any bank or want an investor to invest in the company, the project report will be required. Both have one difference that during taking a loan, you are also required to submit reports with some government documents along with terms, conditions and guarantees. So, for taking a loan, below are document requirement in this report, - **Company Profile** – When did the company start, how was it set up, and what type of business you operate. - **Promoter Detail** – It means details of your shareholders like what is their education, name, etc. - **Employees detail** – How many employees are there, who are there in top management, what is their education, etc. - **Infrastructure Detail** – It means machines, tools, a process that you are using in your company. - **Customer Detail –** It means the type of customer you have, what are the names of your big customer, details about any upcoming deal. - Regional Operation – This means the details of the branches, their team, their operations that you have in other regions. - **Means of Financing –** From where was the funding raised at the time of the start of the business and did it comes through loan, or business partners together funded it. - **Credit History –** Have you taken any loan or debt previously? - Financial Statements –**Your financial statements which tell about the assets and liabilities of your company. - Fund Flow Statement -**The fund that you’re getting will be invested in which department or at which place and how. - Chief Ratios –**Like what is your profitability ratio, liquidity ratio. What is a breakeven point evaluation? So, when you are raising funds, four things should be very clear – - What is the amount - Loan usage in Business - Repayment planning - Bank Collection ### **2. Subsidy /Concession** Below factor details will be required for this - - **Business profile -** Here you need to know that in which area you are doing your business - **Infrastructure Details** - **Machinery details** - **Years of experience-**From how many years you are working in that area in which you are asking for a discount. - **Proof of Eligibility –**You should fulfill the criteria of the conditions and terms as per the government regulations. - **Business Plan-** Give your business plan that you are giving for approval. - **Existing Investment –** If you have any existing investment or if you want to make any more investment. - **Extension Plans –**  The extension plans of the project should be given in detail in the project report. ### **3. Government Approval** For any of the below acts the government approval is required-  - Forming any company - Doing registration - Want any industrial license - Land allotment from the government - Land approval - Construction activity approval - Want ISI Certificate/Quality Certificate - Filing any tender for the project ### **4. Tool of approval for Policy Change** Retail association of India gives a report called FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). If you want any increase or decrease in it or any concession in it then by reading that report government decides that if the policy needs that change or not. ### **5. Client Presentation** It is used very much in B2B. **Example:** If you are pitching a client for handling social media platform, then you should have all categories like how you will make reports and: - Analyse them - Use Google analytics - SEO reports making - SMO reports making - SEM reports making - Bringing organic traffic - Ad Campaigns - Brand Visibility So, in this report, you can impress your client and get the project or deal signed. # **Framework of Project Report** Don’t fear when making a project report. The person to whom you have to submit is also a human being and can understand what is there in the project report. So, keep project report: - **Simple –** Project Report should be simple to understand. - **Clear Objective –** The goal should be clear of the project report. - **NICE Analysis –** Do NICE analysis which means need, interest, concern, and expectations of the report. You should see clients' interests and concerns with the risk involved in the project. Will you be able to help them to resolve their risk and concerns? How would you meet their expectations aligning your goals and concerns? #### **Project Report – Headers** - **Cover Letter/Introduction –** A cover letter or introduction which should have some idea on what the project report is all about. - **Executive Summary –** The important points of the report should be summarized. - **Body of the report –** Here you include all the below details in the project report: - Approach - Objective - Deliverable - Budget - Manpower - Timelines - Company profile - Financial Statement - Conclusion –** Here you will put a small conclusion about all elements of the report so that audience can remember what is - Objectiv - Implementation - Benefit Cover letter and executive summary of your project report are very important because decision-maker makes his decision on these two factors. **Example:** Aluva Plastic is a company that has given the report to the Kerala government to start a plastic company in Kerala in a cluster where mostly all plastic companies are operating. So this report is an approval getting report for - Funds - Allotment of Land The aim of the project report is to give maximum insights about what efforts you have put in making it. The maximum output should be there and then only it would be advantageous.