If you really want to progress in life, then you will have to leave the counter because till the time you are stuck to the counter, you will never grow. Here, the word counter refers to the department that’s functional because of you. In other words, you will progress only when you will find a replacement for yourself in the department that you are directly handling. So, do a succession planning and find out your successor, who can take care of all your responsibilities in your absence. If you are an Entrepreneur, Organizational Leader, or Manufacturer, this article will empower you to identify your successors and build your Gems. # **Steps to Succession Plan** Given below are the steps that will help you build your own Succession Plan. ### **1. I Do … You See** Select your next eligible team member and demonstrate to him how the task is done. Your team member will observe and see how the task is done. This is also known as a Mentor-Mentee Relationship, where you become the mentor, and your team member becomes the mentee. ### **2. You Do … I See** After observing how the task is done, the mentee will perform the task, and the mentor will observe him. It would be best if you kept a close watch on your mentee while he is performing the task. Also, provide him with feedback and keep appreciating his efforts. Sometimes, leaders delegate work to their juniors and feel relieved from their responsibility. Such leaders fail to understand that the person who is delegating is responsible and not the one who is being delegated. Remember, you are responsible for your juniors’ work. So, when he is doing it, you will have to observe and see, if he is doing it in the right direction and give feedback accordingly. ### **3. You Do … Report Immediately** Once your team member performs the task effectively, ask him to finish the task and report to you immediately. He can report to you through email, WhatsApp, or in person. Once he sent you the work, check it, and give feedback accordingly. ### **4. You Do … Report Routinely** Your team member has now become proficient in doing the task by reporting to you immediately. Now, you can leave him and ask him to finish the assigned task and report on a routine basis. Fix a day every week when he will send you the task report for review. Your team member, despite being proficient at work, still needs handholding. Therefore, you must read all the reports carefully. If you feel he is making a mistake, repeat the entire cycle from Step 1. ### **5. You Do the Same with Your Juniors** Once your team member masters all the four steps, now, he is ready to repeat the same with his juniors. Just like you developed your team member, now, he will do the same with his team members. # **Conclusion** Practising this framework for execution will definitely empower you to build a strong team of “Gems” and “Ministers”. Once you start this Mentor-Mentee cycle in your organization, your growth will be certain. Otherwise, people will join your company like a training centre, where they will join take training and leave. Do not let that happen, start mentoring your team members, and create more mentors.