The ways to maintain operational excellence for the growth of an organisation. ### **Learnings from Pee Safe** Pee Safe offers a set of products for women and these products help them to sanitise the washroom before using it for safe usage. The wife of Shri Vikas Bagaria once suffered from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) due to using a public washroom while travelling and after that, he realised that it is a major issue for women to use public toilets and hence, introduced these products to save women from infections. # **How to build operational excellence in your business?** - Shri Vikas Bagaria feels that the success of any business operation is necessary. He says that he always trusted his team and he also feels that if you have a good team, you can achieve anything. - As per him, you must not keep yourself self-centered that is do not try to keep everything to you. If you are dividing labour or department for various tasks, you must also give them the ownership of work. Ownership makes your team efficient and saves you from doing everything on your own. - He shares the example of his accounts department. The head of his accounts department has complete ownership of work and he never interferes in his work. He has just set the process of making all the payments on Monday and Friday and approves the bills when they come to him in the morning. - He also explains that if you wish to purchase something for your organisation, make sure that you take at least 3 to 4 quotations from different places before finalising the decision. Your decision will depend on the product/machine that is lowest on the commercial side and good on the technical side. - You must also tell your vision to the product development team so that they take ownership and work towards fulfilling the vision. He feels that if you have asked your team to do some task, you should not feel the need of taking a follow- up and the employees must update you on their own when they finish the work. - As businessmen, you must keep your review strong and should not stand on the heads of your employees and ask them about the task they are doing. If you have hired your employees, you should trust them. - If your teams are working as per their plan but keeping a collective vision in mind, it is a sign of a good organisation. He also feels that you should be available for your employees all the time if they wish to discuss some problems with you. - You should follow a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for your team and also provide all the things that your team requires for automation. - The most important thing for any organisation is its compliances and it is important for you to understand everything about them. Sit with your GST lawyer and understand about all the updates of the government. - You must also know all the dates of filing tax. Your team is responsible for filing the return but you must be aware of dates at your level. - To achieve operational excellence in your organisation, if you wish to keep anything to yourself that should be the relationships, vision, and communication with investors and leave the rest of the work to the employees of your organisation. ### **Final Verdict:** Delegate your authority and use the maker-checker model to build operational efficiency.