# **What is Community Spread?** At the times of corona, we got to know how the virus spreads from one person to another and this is known as community spread. Now, you will have to understand how your business will spread from one person to another. You will have to become such a huge community for your business that it starts spreading from one community to another. Therefore, communities should spread your business to: - Create massive influence - Decrease cost of customer acquisition - Decrease marketing cost - Increase marketing - Increase trust and when it increases, sales increases # **How to do community spread?** **`For example:`** ### **1. PayU Money** - When Mr. XXX joined PayU Money, he was told that the company was facing a challenge to spread the free product ‘PayU Money’. - Irrespective of digital and paid marketing, they were unable to reach the various communities of India. - It was a big challenge for him and to start with, he created a framework. - The first step of the framework was to understand the type of community he wishes to impress or influence. - After the research, he understood that the web developers, software writers and people implementing ERP software is his community and can take him to crores of customers. - Now, you have understood your customer, the second challenge is how to reach the community. As if you reach the community, it will spread on its own. - He created an online campaign that was named ‘HallaBol’ and conducted a tweetathon on 15th August and asked all the startups from all across India that they are organising a twitter campaign of 3 hours. - He asked all the startups to give a pitch about themselves of 5 seconds either through a video or message and include 2 hashtags #hallabol #payumoney. - He told them on every tweet, they use this hashtag; they will take them to the whole community. - The whole community of startups from all around India joined them including many investors, incubators, accelerators, and media people, and the 3 hours of tweetathon extended to 6 hours. - It was trending and the company got more than $10,000 worth of mentions on Twitter at free of cost. - Now, after the success of an online campaign, an office version was started known as ‘The Startup Growth Masterclass’. - He went to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in India on every weekend and conducted the master classes for 3 hours to tell the audience about how they can take their startup ahead. Therefore, you can interact with your customer’s community both offline and online. The day you understood the community and the online and offline formula of community spread, no one can stop you from growing as a community will help you grow. Remember, with passion community takes you ahead, the same community can bring you down and therefore, ensure to create good value for the community whether it is a monetary or knowledge value. ### **2. Marg ERP** - Marg ERP has formed a customer community of pharmacy. - The chairman or managing director of the company says that mostly all the chemists of India use their software and he can also increase their growth by adding features in the software. - They have understood that their biggest community impact is on pharma companies. - Therefore, they focus on pharma companies and create value for them. ### **3. Taxmantra** - Taxmantra is a Kolkata based chartered accountancy firm and its CEO and founder is Mr. Alok Patnia. - Taxmantra understood that their community is that of founders that is, startup founder, company owners, and managing directors. - They opted for a strategy known as TAD that is, Taxmantra Advantage Dialogue. - They created a community event both offline and online. - Mr. XXX attended an event in Bangalore that was conducted by the community. NASCOM that is a huge organisation gave their office for the event and the marketing was done by the community as the event was creating value for them. - Many famous speakers came to the event and Taxmantra became famous. - In the online version, a lot of webinars were conducted, and also a video series was started. - Today, the conduct TAD in Singapore and the US also. Even you run a snack shop, you can participate in community spread. If your product has something unique or interesting or something that can connect with the community, your product will get viral. You just need to understand the community for which you are creating value.