### **Introduction** If you ever want to grow in life, then be in the crowd of successful people. They will make you successful with their pull. The concept is significant for a person’s growth but how to implement this concept becomes a challenge for few. **_“Anything that cannot be measured cannot be improved.”_** ### **Have You Created Your Goal Statement?** If you ever want to achieve anything, the first golden rule is to create a goal statement and then consciously hold on to it. Implementing great things will be of no use if they are not around the goal statement. So, creating the right goal statement is fundamental. >**_“Anything that is contributing to your goal statement-accept it, and anything that is not contributing to your goal statement-reject it.”_** Create a goal statement for yourself because without it you will not know what is favorable and what is not favorable. Think of a dream or a desire that you have and convert that into a goal statement. Define a definite date by when do you want to achieve this goal. Be very specific and definite about your desires. ### **Who Are The 5 People You Associate With?** In order to achieve the goal, you need the support of a few people. You will always find some people supporting and inspiring you like _Lord Krishna_ and a few people pulling you back like _Shakuni_ and _Manthara_. >**_“You are an average of five people you keep in your life around.” It is also said that “your future depends on the friends you make in present”.  Do sum total of the achievements of 5 people you associate with and divide it with 5; you will get the parameter of your success. Identify 5 people with whom you associate in the present. These are people with whom you feel influenced and take advice also. They can be a colleague, employee, customer, vendor, buyer, investor or even a TV serial. This relationship with you can be personal, professional or social. These people should be those, whose association is favorable to your goal statement. These people may or may not be great people, but may influence your future greatly. ### **What is Ritual of Sixty Minute Solitude?** Once you have identified the people with whom you can associate in the present and people with whom you want to associate, now it is time to create your Ri Si Mi S Calendar. **R**i: Ritual **S**i: Sixty **M**i: Minute **S**: Solitude Ri Si Mi S refers to doing 1 hour (60 minutes) of learning every day in solitude. It essentially means, ► You have to spend one hour every day in solitude for self-learning and growth. It will help you increase your skill as well as your will. ► This self-learning can happen either through watching a video (or hearing audio), or reading a book, or spending time with your mentor. ► Morning hours are considered to be best, if one has to practice Ri Si Mi S. Ri Si Mi S is like adding fuel to your car. It will keep you moving ahead smoothly. If you are able to “practice Ri Si Mi S religiously” for one year; your “life will certainly be transformed”. ### **What does Solitude mean?** Here, being in solitude is the most important. Solitude means remaining out of contact with everyone, no mobile phone, no disturbance, no meetings, etc. It has to be complete peace for one hour. In case, on a particular day you fail to practice RiSiMiS for one hour, then cover it up next day with a pledge that next time it will not be broken. If you practice RiSiMiS regularly, you will realize that within one year you would have already taken a J Curve. ![[HOW TO ACHIEVE GOAL.jpeg]]