How you can track your competitors. If you want to grow your business, then you need to: - Make your products and services better - Track the movement of your competitors It might be difficult to learn from your competitors but it is necessary to learn from them. >There is nothing like competition to push you further. Competitor analysis tools that will help you to: - Track your competitors - Analyse your competitors - Learn the strategies of your competitors - Let us discuss these 5 tools in detail. # #1 Google Alerts It provides the name of your competitors. It shows whether your industry is mentioned online. It is free of cost. It gives you free alerts whenever your keyword is searched online. So, you should choose your keywords and combination keywords smartly so that Google Alerts can set it. These keywords can be: - Your name - Your company’s name - Your location - Company’s tagline - Brand name - Products name - Your Competitor’s name - Competitor’s brand's name or products name - Industry-related keywords like you can use keywords such as coffee, conversations, snacks, best coffee chain, Latte, Mocha, etc. if you are in the coffee business Such keywords will help in getting alerts related to these keywords. # #2 Sprout Social Social media is very important for a small business. Sprout Social helps you in knowing about your competitors from multiple angles. Sprout social provides competitive reports of all the social media platforms. This provides you actionable insights. It helps in tracking the social media performance of your competitors and you can compare his performance from your profile as well. For example: If you are running a coffee or tea chain, then Sprout Social can help you in an Instagram analysis of your competitors’ performance. In this analysis, you will get the names of your competitors along with their engagement matrix-like timing of post sharing, engagement on the post, likes on the post, etc. This will help you in determining which type of posts should be shared on social media to increase your engagement. Sprout Social also helps in tracking trending topics and conversations. This will help you in knowing how consumers are reacting on the products and services of your competitors. # #3 Ahrefs It is an important SEO marketing tool. It helps you in determining the top keywords of any URL. It also helps you in determining the amount of traffic your competitor is generating on which keyword. If you want to know about the highest performing content of a site, then you can do a backlink audit using this tool. Backlink audit means tracking the incoming links on a webpage. The more the number of backlinks on a webpage, the more will be the ranking of the webpage on the search engines. It also helps in finding linked prospects. It helps in monitoring your competitors’ links and grab these links for your website as well. It helps in keyword search as well as their research. It also helps in tracking individual keywords. It helps in tracking organic visibility, i.e. the visibility increases by sharing the keywords. You should try to identify why your competitors are ranking high and what are the keywords because of which they are getting high ranking. You should also use these keywords and attract traffic towards you. It helps in setting up alerts for keywords that help in establishing a relationship with your customers and makes your brand management a little easier. # #4 BuzzSumo It tells you about the top-performing content, which is relevant for your brand as well as your competitors’ brands. It analyses the engagement of a content post. It also tells how many times does the post shared online. It helps in analysing your competitors from a different angle, i.e. content performance angle. It helps in determining who is dominating the content related to the industry. It helps you in identifying the topics on which you should develop your content. You should also focus on your competitors’ successful media format content, posts, and topics. This will help you to use them in your content or posts. # #5 SEMrush It is an all-in-one digital marketing tool that covers everything like SEO, Pay per click model, Keyword research, competitive analysis, and social media content. You can also make a toolkit in SEMrush. In this toolkit, you can include all your important business functions. The competitor analysis features of SEMrush includes competitors’ best keywords and their strategies and budgets. It analyses the ad copy, display ads, keywords, and best performing product listing ads of your competitors. If you want to be ahead of your competitors, then you should implement one or two tools discussed in this video that are relevant to your business.