There is the strategy discussed on various management books and one that watched eye; - You have to fill at least 4 pages in this diary daily about your goal, learnings and shortcomings - You need to fill at least 1 page once in a month, and next 4 pages every day - It will require 90 minutes per day that can change your life forever - Your business will get exponential growth in future - Initially it will be difficult to follow the ritual, but gradually it will start giving you results as you make it a habit. ## **MY MONTHLY GOAL STATEMENT: (I WILL DO WHAT BY WHEN)** In the first page of the diary, you have to ask yourself following questions to have greater clarity on your goal:- - Current Reality: Where am I right now? - Desired Outcome: Where I have to go? - Broad Monthly Strategy: How will you go? Once in a month, you have to think over below questions that will help you achieve your goal and write down them in the coaching diary:- - What’s that one thing I want to achieve this month which will give me maximum growth in business? - What specific goal can I actually make that can help me expand my existing business? - Do I need to hire new manpower, open new office/ branch, and make the new customer or need funding or loan? Try to see where you are right now in achieving that goal and make your Broad Monthly Strategy accordingly. #### **RISIMIS** Ri- Ritual Si- Sixty Mi- Minute S- Solitude After you wrote down your monthly goal, the next step is RiSIMiS. Every early morning you have to invest 60 minutes in learning new things which can help you move towards your goal. _You have to learn only the things which are associated with your goal statement._ This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed. You have to learn only those things which can make your business successful like:- - What can you do make your business successful? - Whether you should hire new manpower or arrange funding? #### **TYPES OF LEARNING** You can select any of the 4 types of leaning as mentioned below:- - Audio - Video - Book - Mentor Whichever method of learning you are using, you have to ensure that you just stick to your goal statement. Don’t go on learning anything or everything you come across. - While watching the video, don’t watch everything/anything to increase your knowledge - Just read, watch and listen related to your goal statement Think about the problems you are encountering in business and learn new things to solve them. If you do it daily for 60 minutes, new ideas will automatically start emerging that will take you near your goal. After that, calculate how much time you invested in learning and what its quality was. Write them down in your diary along with 5 things you learned today. If you don’t work strategically, all small goals will consume all your time and you will be stuck where you were last year. ## **MAIN THING VS MULTIPLE THINGS** As you have performed morning ritual RiSiMiS, you’ve to divide your day in 2 parts:- - Main Thing - Multiple Things First, the part will be focused on ‘main thing’ and the second part will be focused on ‘multiple things’. This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed. - `Main thing` is related to activities that lead to your goal - `Multiple things` are like firefighting activities, eating away all your time - Focusing on `main thing` will help you inch towards the main goal - Focusing on `multiple things` leads nowhere Let us understand it with an interesting example: _In United States, fire workers had become so frustrated by extinguishing fire around the clock that their life had become no less than hell. They were just firefighting and sleeping. They didn’t get time for personal life._ _To come out of this chaos, they focused on the main thing. They analyzed the reason of fire and prepared a 3 step strategy- planning, preparation and prevention. They introduction strict fire norms for all buildings, and made it compulsory to clear fire safety measures. After that fire incidents declined drastically._ Similarly, entrepreneurs in India are busy in firefighting (daily operations), which is taking their business backward. This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed. You have to separate your goal-oriented activities from time-consuming firefighting activities. Investing time on ‘main thing’ gives the biggest growth. At the end of the day, you have to give 10 minutes on writing down your main thing and rate yourself on the scale of out of 1 to 10 to figure out how productive your day was. ## **REVIEW AND IMPROVEMENT CYCLE** After dividing your day into 2 parts and prioritizing your main thing and multiple things, now comes review and improvement mechanism of those activities. In this, you have to spare 10 minutes daily to measure your activities and improvement. This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed. You have to evaluate your performance on the following parameters: - WWW- What Went Well? - WWW- What Went Wrong? - WCBI- What could be improved Based on the review of your day make preparation for an action plan of tomorrow. ## **GRATITUDE PRACTICE** At last, before sleeping important step in coaching diary is expressing gratitude towards everything you got in life. - Spend 10 minutes writing the things you are grateful for in the 4th page of your diary - It could be a person, situation, thing or family member that you express gratitude for This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed. So, if you fill these 5 pages of Coaching Diary on daily basis, you will emerge highly focused and powerful from inside. You will be aligned with your goal without straying away, by building a laser-sharp focus in your life, leading to nowhere but unimaginable success. ## **LEARNING** - Make a Coaching Diary and fill it on daily basis to achieve your goal - Write your monthly goal statement once in a month - RISIMIS- invest 60 minutes in learning every morning - Divide your day into 2 parts – Main thing and Multiple things - Focus on the main thing, not multiple things (firefighting things) - Invest 10 Minute daily on review and improvement of your activities - Write down What Went Well, What Went Wrong and What could be improved - Take 10 minutes to express gratitude to those helping you