Mr. Boman Irani, a Bollywood Actor, explains: How to bounce back in tough times? Challenges faced by Mr. Boman Irani Mr. Boman Irani’s father died before his birth. He was a nervous child with learning disabilities like Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. So, he was not good at Science and Maths but he used to excel in theatre, dramatic, debates, and music. His mother encouraged and supported him. Lesson Learned - Identify your unique signature strength before starting any business. He spent his childhood watching movies and going to the theatre. He worked as a waiter in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai. He wanted to be the manager in the Hotel but his interviewer asked him to be in the room service if he wants to reach at the top. If you want to reach at the top, you need to learn the basics first. He was called by her mother to sit on their wafers shop. He spent 14 years on the shop. He then took his family on a vacation but didn’t have enough money. So, he took the money he got as tip while working as a waiter and started sports photography covering school athletics. He earned some money from photography and used it to plan his trip for Ooty and booked a hotel. When he reached in the hotel of Ooty with his family, he found that the hotel is horrible and it didn’t even have proper lights. He realized that he cannot afford a better life for his family if he keeps on working like this. So, he decided to bounce back. ### How to bounce back in life? - Start thinking a little bigger - Open up your mind - Think of getting to the next level - Be happily dissatisfied with your last success For example, Boman Irani bounced back by becoming the World Cup’s official photographer for Boxing. He also earned good amount of money from it. He was about to get 300 dollars for 3 photographs but he got 900 dollars for 3 photographs due to the quality of work he has given. Honest work and hard work always pays off Improve your skills, overcome your weaknesses, and then keep aspirations to get guaranteed success ### How to bounce back while facing failures? A Hollywood Actor, Al Pacino, says, “If you work hard, then opportunities will find you wherever you are, in any part of the world.” For example, Mr. Boman Irani got his first role in Bollywood films (Munna Bhai MBBS) during his training in theatres. He did not approached anyone for it, the Director and Producer themselves came to him and offered the role. So, Boman Irani’s Lesson for entrepreneurs is: You will get the reward definitely and people will come looking for you; if you are: - Ethically strong - Dedicated - Good and can make a difference ### How to become a world class entrepreneur? If you want to be a world class entrepreneur, you need to research, study and understand: - How a world class entrepreneur thinks? - How he tackles a business problem? - How he builds his business? - How he developes his manpower? - How he thinks about acquiring customers and retaining them? - How he builds a world class product? You have to think like a world class entrepreneur. You need to believe that you are a world class entrepreneur and take decisions accordingly. ### How a businessman can maintain his energy? - Remain a student all your life - Keep learning everyday - If someone is teaching you, absorb the learning - Apply your learning and knowledge - When you apply, you have more energy because you are looking forward to something - You become better if you keep learning - Learn from people around you - Choose your profession, which was your hobby, and make other people pay for it ### Outcomes - Learn from your mistakes - Bounce back when you face failure - Be open-minded and a thinker - Think like a world-class entrepreneur if you want to be a  world-class entrepreneur - Keep learning throughout your life - Apply your learning and knowledge