► Do You Want to Make a Big Difference in Your Life this Year? ► Do You Want to Make Every Year a Successful One? Whenever you start something new, you become so desperate to see initial results that if you don’t see results soon, you get restless and lose hope. In this article, we will discuss a formula that will help you to get the best results for the next 9 months by just putting in efforts for the first 90 days. ### **Tip #1: Invest in yourself for just First 90 Days** Whether you are a student, job seeker, working professional or entrepreneur, first 90 days (3 months) are very crucial for starting anything new. Your first 90 days will decide where you are going in the next 9 months. ### **Tip #2: Small 90 Days will Create Tall 9 Months** First 90 days are going to give you unprecedented results in the next 9 months. First 90 days will help you to build a mindset for starting something new while the next 9 months help you to create the skill-set. ### **Tip #3: Don’t get Demotivated from Small Initial Results** The initial result of anything is so small that it always goes unnoticed. **For Example** If a person tried a cigarette for the first time and he starts vomiting, then he will never smoke. However, the initial harmful effects of smoking cigarette are almost negligible. Hence, people ignore these effects and keep on smoking, which later results in cancer or tuberculosis. You will not get results of your initial actions during the starting days, don’t give up; Gradually, it will start giving you unexpected results. ### **Power of Compounding Interest** Let us understand compounding interest with the help of an example. **Example:** You have the following options: **1st Option:** You will get Rs. 1, which will be doubled each day for the next 30 days. **2nd Option:** You will get Rs. 10 crores in one time. _Which option will you choose?_ Most of the people will choose Rs. 10 cr. as it seems a very big amount as compared to Rs.  1. Although Rs. 1 seems very small in front of Rs. 10 cr. initially, but when you start doubling Rs. 1 each day, it will become more than Rs. 10 cr. on the 30th day. Due to compounding interest Rs. 1, which seemed nothing in front of Rs. 10 cr. became Rs. 107 cr. It also applies to your efforts invested in achieving your goals. ### **Story of a King and Saint** Once upon a time, there was a king, who was very humble. One day, a saint came to his place. **King:** How can I help you? **Saint:** I need some seeds of grains. **King:** This is very little; you can demand anything big. **Saint:** I want only a few seeds of grains. **King:** How many seeds do you need? **Saint:** Put one seed in the First Square of your chess board, and then double it till Last Square. Give me the amount of grain that comes at 64th Square of the chess board. King ordered his people to bring that amount of grain. After sometime, the king’s people said that the amount of grain Saint is demanding has not ever grown on the earth.