Let us hear these three lessons from Rajkummar Rao. # 1. Hard Work If you keep dreaming about doing something big while sitting in your home, it won’t help you to achieve your goals. You need to work very hard to achieve your dreams. The bigger your dream is; the harder you need to work to achieve it. For example: When Rajkummar Rao was going through his struggling phase, he ensured that he wakes up early in the morning, does his exercises and get ready to meet as many people as possible for work. He wanted to make proper utilization of every day. He tried to give as many auditions as possible every day.  He was not ready to get up late and waste his complete day by sitting at home. He wanted to do something daily in order to achieve his dreams. There is no substitute of hard work. If you work hard in the initial days of your life or business, then your complete life or business will be settled. Don’t be lazy; don’t take it easy; work really hard. # 2. Be Unique As an entrepreneur, you need to be unique about your company/products/services. You need to identify: What is unique in your products or services that customers will buy your products over your competitor’s product? Find your own identity. Whether you are a musician, actor, or entrepreneur, you should build your own identity. Do not try to copy anyone because he is already there. So, there is no use of becoming a copy of anyone else. You should find your own voice. Whatever you do, add a personal touch and some uniqueness to it. This will help people to recognize you as they have seen something like this before but not this one. It has something new in it. Thus: Do not sell what your competitors are selling because if customers have more options, they will have more objections. Do not repeat yourself with the market options. Build your unique signature strength. If you try copying others, you may eventually become number one. If you are unique, you will be the only one. You can kill the entire market. # 3. Don’t ever get corrupted Honesty is very important in any business. You should maintain the motivation and passion with which you have started your business. Sometimes, you start becoming greedy and your motivations change. You feel like doing something that will give you more benefits but will lead to losses to someone else. Don’t do such things because it does not have longevity. By doing such things, you might be happy and successful for a couple of years. But, eventually, it will all come back to you. So, keep your motivations right and don’t do any kind of injustice to anyone. Be truthful to whatever you are doing. If you have values, valuable will automatically come to you. If you run behind valuables, then you will lose values as well as valuables. If roots are good, fruits will automatically be good. ### Bonus Lesson: - Product is your story; your uniform is your hero. - Don’t sell your story; sell your hero. - Don’t get corrupted. - Be human. - Don’t think only about yourself; think about others as well. - Don’t be selfish. ### Key Learnings: - Don’t be afraid of doing hard work - Don’t copy others - Build your unique strength - Be honest in your work - Don’t ever get corrupted