## **WHAT IS PERSONALITY?** Do you want that: - People notice you - People recall your name & personality Some people make their names while others are forgotten. The answer lies within your personality. It differentiates you from others even if you are a student, entrepreneur, or corporate employee. Your personality influences your thinking, your values & your expectations from others. Other people will also look upon you in the same way. ## **WHAT IS PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT?** Personality development means enhancing the traits that make your personality. It will help you in influencing & inspiring people. Personality development is very important & the foundation of this course. _Personalities are not born, they are forged_ One is not born on this earth with good communication & leadership skills, rather he has to learn them. The importance of personality development can be summed in the following points: #### **1.** **Holistic growth:** It will help in your all-round development & enhances your best personality. #### **2.** **Increase confidence:** When you feel good inside & outside, you become confident. You can influence others & achieve success. #### **3.** **Enhances your personality:** Everyone wants a magnificent personality that can influence anyone. #### **4.** **Enhance communication skills:** Communication skills are the center point of personality. If you are not able to explain your point to others, you will not even get connected, so convincing them is far away. #### **5.**** **Conflict resolution & stress control:** If you are a confident person, you will look upon positive aspects of life & face difficulties with a smile. Also, you will be able to handle difficult conversations &situations. #### **6.** **Builds a positive attitude in life:** A person with a negative mindset sees problems in everything & he remains unsatisfied. If you are confident, you try to handle every situation positively. #### **7.** **Professional growth:** If you have a strong personality, you will move towards success & growth in the profession. You will focus on your growth & journey, not the others. #### **8.** **Makes a personality reliable & credible:** Credibility comes from strong character. Personality development is not limited to impressive dressing & communication skills, many other factors make you a reliable person in life. ## **PERSONALITY TYPES** Everyone has a unique personality & cannot be the same, but 4 personality types are commonly seen that are discussed as follows: #### **1. The go-getters:** They are highly motivated & high achievers. They are always ready for the competition so they wisely use their time & efforts. They are quite perfect but on the other hand, they come easily under stress. They are too much focused on one aspect so that they ignore other aspects of life. So they become unbalanced &dissatisfied in life. Aggression is a part of their personality that can be seen as positive & negative. #### **2. The socialiser:** As the name suggests, they are outgoing & full of energy. They are interested in becoming the center of attraction. They are perfect in building relations & people like them. They might be relaxed due to their personality ¬ put their best efforts into their work. They might be clear about their goals but they might have no idea about how to reach their goals. #### **3. Rule abiding perfectionist:** These people work in detail. They work by rules & control their emotions. They talk about facts so people might not be comfortable with them or mingle with them. #### **4. The supporter:** Their approach is quite relaxed & easy. They are calm & sensitive. They are always ready to help others. Their weakness is that people might take their advantage. They might get hurt easily & are worried about themselves & others. They might be shy & cannot keep their point. There is one more type of personality called “X” that is a combination of two or more personalities. For example, you have some traits of type A & some traits of B, so your personality becomes A + B = ABX. You need to understand that not everyone is exactly like these personality traits, so there is some mixing. So, enjoy the positive traits of your personality. Awareness is the first step towards a better chance. In this course, you will learn about topics, checklist, exercises, frameworks & skills that will give a new shape to your personality. You will get knowledge about the following topics that help you in developing a powerful personality: - Build the right mindset - Effective communication skills - Intrapersonal communication ( Understanding your thoughts) - Public speaking ( Communicating with people) - Voice modulation - Facing camera & influencing people - Theatre exercises - Leadership skills - Team management - Confidence building - Body language - Appearance & dressing style - Discussion & meetings - Stage presentation - Personal brand on social media - Developing social skills - Personality SWOT - Develop convincing power Apart from these, many other topics will benefit you in developing a powerful personality. Do SWOT analysis before & after going through personality development articles. Also, make a graph about your previous skills & changes in your personality after implementing these developments. You will find a different shape of your personality within 3-4 months.