## **FACTORS OF PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT** Following are the factors of personality development: 1. Adapt 2. Apply 3. Evolve 4. Growth ## **ADAPT/ADAPTABILITY** _It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change._ **by Charles Darwin** Adaptability is a physical or behavioural specialty that teaches an individual to remain better in his/her surroundings. Adaptable people are the one who understands the factors of their personality that helps them to become what they are. If you want to grow in today’s time, then you should learn new skills. If you learn adaptability, then it will help you to: - Build important strategies - Develop coping strategies **For example:** - You are asked to lead a team that is full of youngsters. - Your way of working is to write the project plans on a paper and then share it with the team. - However, today, youngsters are more dependent on emails, messages, PPTs, and technologies. - So, you have to learn to adapt with time so that you can change your old way of working and adopt new ways. **Flexibility** Now, the point is how easily you are accepting the change. _Are you flexible?_ If you want to see how you react to a change, then you should understand the three types of flexibilities, which are as follows: #### **1. Cognitive Flexibility:** It means: - How do you think about different strategies? - How is your mental structure? Cognitive flexibility is used by people to make strategy, take decision, and do day-to-day work. The people who use this flexibility learn from their past experiences. They also easily identify when an older method is not working and it is essential to change the method. #### **2. Emotional Flexibility:** - It depends on your emotions, i.e. how you understand your and others’ emotions and react according to the situation. - An emotionally flexible person will never get distracted by the change in reasoning. - If you want to make yourself adaptable, then it is a two-way process between the leader and the person who is experiencing change. - A leader or person who lacks emotional flexibility will reject the emotions and problems of other people. He will also stop any type of conversation with the other person. #### **3. Dispositional Flexibility** - It is natural flexibility that depicts how you keep yourself realistic and optimistic in any situation. - Such people easily identify a tough situation and how to come out of it. - They never trust any situation blindly. - They never show negativity for any situation completely. - They take change as an opportunity. So, they are not worried about it. **For example:** - Closing a company is a big decision that can disturb anybody. - However, a realistic person will never get worried about such a situation. He knows that though he needs to close his current company but he can open a new company again with his hard work. - He will be sad and his morale will be down but he will not see this situation with negativity completely. - He will be realistic and optimistic to take a new path for opening his new company. ### **Tips to Be More Adaptable** #### **1. Be curious** - Never hesitate to ask questions - Always ask questions if you are not able to understand something - Surprise yourself - Explore things and then take a decision #### **2. Have a back-up plan** Always make a plan B or C so that if plan A didn’t work, then you will have a back-up plan. #### **3. Create a support system** - You don’t have to do everything alone in life. - Take support from your family, friends, teachers, or colleagues when there is a big change going on in your life. - For example, if you are an employer, then you should motivate your employees to do so. #### **4. Immerse yourself in new environments and situations** Whenever you face a new environment, then: - Immerse yourself in the new situations - Meet new people - Keep on learning new things in your life #### **5. Change your thought process** - Change your thoughts and point of view. - Change the mentality that you are doing a particular work in the same manner. This thinking will not restrict you from growing. #### **6. Force yourself to risk** - Nobody has ever reached to a top position without taking any risk. - So, come out from your comfort zone and learn to take challenges. - Always take a risk thoughtfully. - Putting everything on stake is not called taking risk instead it is stupidity. #### **7. Embrace new experiences** - You learn something new in every moment of life. - Make yourself able to learn from every experience. - Make a learning culture around yourself whether you are running a company or working alone. - Never stop learning. #### **8. Change atleast one routine everyday** Change ateast one thing from your routine everyday whether it is your exercise time or walking time or your breakfast. _The only thing constant is change. It’s up to you to be adaptable._ Time and situation keep on changing. It is only the change that remains constant. It is completely dependent on you how you adapt with time. ## **APPLY** - We always say that only having knowledge is not important, you should be able to implement this knowledge. - The same thing is used in apply. It means how you motivate yourself to complete your work successfully. If you do so, you will be able to complete your tasks successfully. - Here, apply means fully dedicating yourself towards your work and use your efficiency in the right way. - Some employees are not aware of their efficiencies completely because they are not trained properly. It has also been seen that there leaders are not able to use their efficiencies completely. **For example:** - If an employee is an introvert, then he may find himself in a situation wherein he is not able to keep his point of view in front of his boss properly. This is because it may possible that his boss is a person who loses his temper easily. - But, this does not mean that he is not capable of doing his work. - It may be possible that the employee has a sharp mind but due to nervousness, he is not able to keep his viewpoints in front of his boss or colleagues. ### **Tips to Apply Yourself in Work** #### **1. Discover new skills** - You will never able to know your efficiencies till you apply yourself completely in your work. - When you do so, then you will able to identify some new skills within you that you may have not seen before. - Learn to take a calculated risk. - Learn new skills and show your ability. #### **2. See opportunities more clearly** - If you are able to apply yourself in your work, then you will get new opportunities in work whether it is a new job role or you want to do something new in the company or in the product. - In addition, you will be able to get better attention to details in yourself. #### **3. Grow your network** - If you want to grow in life, then it is necessary that you grow your network. - When you start increasing your network many people start connecting with you. - In addition, you become more important for your organisation. - All these things remind you that you have more responsibilities now to apply yourself in your work completely. #### **4. Value yourself** - Fill yourself with self-confidence and believe in your ability. - When you do so, you will see that you are impacting the important decisions of your company. **5. Reinvent yourself** - When you start realising your capabilities, you start working on yourself more. - You want to handle your responsibilities and your roles in a new way. ## **EVOLVE** - Evolve means to develop gradually. - For example, you watch various videos on Bada Business App. Do you watch the videos and forget them? or do you apply these videos after watching them? - When you implement something after reading or watching it to improve your personality, then you evolve yourself and this process is called evolution. - By doing so, you will be able to remember it for a long time. - Evolution will help you to become a developed person in the future. - A developed person has a high sense of purpose. He is at the right position and moving on the right path. He has a clarity of goals and he also knows how to achieve them. - Whether you have a good personality or you are not satisfied with your personality, in any of the cases, you should not stop developing yourself. - As much as you develop yourself, you become happier. ### **Tips to Evolve Yourself** #### **1. Modeling** - It means a process to observe successful people and follow their behaviour, faith, mental beliefs, and try to adapt their talent. - This is the best way of personality development. #### **2. Make small improvements** - Bring changes in your personality where you find yourself weak. - You cannot change your personality completely. - So, it is important that you make small improvements in your personality. - For example, if you lack self-confidence, then you should work on it. Similarly, if you are an introvert person, then copy the behaviour of successful people and start making yourself an extrovert slowly. - All these things help you in personality development. #### **3. Will people dislike me?** - This question stops us from evolving. - Whenever such questions come to your mind or if people put such questions in your mind, then ignore such questions. - If you change, some people will not like it but you should not care about these people and focus on yourself. ## **GROWTH** - Growth means development or moving ahead in life whether it is personal or professional growth. - The process of growth should be ongoing because if you keep growing, then you will be full of excitement to do something new. - Growth is like a drug so you should not get a sudden growth otherwise there are chances of failure. - When you start growing, the people around you will also be benefitted. ### **Tips to Grow Yourself** #### **1. Show kindness to people around you** - Never take out kindness from inside you - Kindness will take you forward in life. - When you become kind, it develops patience and sympathy in you. This will help you to grow in life. #### **2. Meditate** - At least for 5 mins, calm your mind, and concentrate on your breathing. - When you make meditation your way of living, then you are able to concentrate on your dreams and goals. #### **3. Read something everyday** - When you read something new every day, then you make yourself more intelligent. - This is a skill that will never disappoint you in life. #### **4. Get organised** - Your way of living tells a lot of things about you. - If you are an organised person, then it will also be depicted in your work. - Clean your table or drawers sometimes or organise your files. #### **5. Choose a healthier lifestyle** - Your lifestyle has a great impact on your mentality. - If your lifestyle is not good or you have some bad habits, then they will prohibit you from growing. - So, it is important that you should have a good lifestyle like eating healthy food, exercise daily, and sleep timely. #### **6. Get out of your comfort zone** - If you want to grow in life, you should come out of your comfort zone. - The real success is achieved by people who work continuously and inspires themselves to attain new heights. #### **7. Avoid negative people** _Who are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with._ **by Jim Rohn** The people around you impact your mentality. If you have more negative people around you, then you will lose your positive energy slowly. Thus, it is important that you surround yourself with positive people. #### **8. Get a mentor/coach** - This is the best way to move on the right path in life. - A mentor/coach will give you the right direction in life based on his experiences. - If you don’t want to get deviated, then you should have a mentor/coach in life.