## **KEY NOTE#1: TIPS TO FACE CAMERA** Mr. Entrepreneur has a huge YouTube following because apart from the powerful content, his powerful personality & delivery style makes the presentation more effective. In the present scenario, you should master this skill because most of the communication is done through webinars, Google meet, & videos. You should follow these tips to face the camera: #### **1. Build confidence:** Do friendship with the camera to feel comfortable. You have to remove camera fear. Mrs. Samriti Grover shares her first camera experience that she was frozen & remained silent in front of the camera. Gradually she became camera friendly. #### **2. Become your loyal viewer & critic:** Practice your speech in front of the mirror. Now, record your video because you are the audience & you are the judge. Note down your all weak points, such as you feel under confidence or you did not explain any point perfectly. #### **3. Learn to control your body language:** According to a survey, 55% of your information is understood by the audience through your body language & not your words. When you do practice sessions, note down how many times you are moving hands & the way you are talking. Also, observe if you are not too much moving or standing in a bent position in front of the camera. Improve these things. You should do the following things in front of the camera: - Keep your posture upright - Relax - Maintain eye contact - Keep your arm movements minimum You should not do the following things in front of the camera: - Crossed arms - Yawn, nails biting & continuous face touch(it shows you are feeling nervous) You should practice all the do’s & don’t regularly. After some time you will become habitual of them. #### **4. Take care of your health & mood:** Avoid camera if your health or mood is bad because the camera catches even a small thing. Also, you will not be able to make a connection with your audiences. But if it is very necessary then smile & apologise to your audience in advance for your condition before starting your presentation. #### **5. Look directly into the camera:** Mostly people miss eye contact with the camera. Don’t stare at the camera. Facial expression communicates many things about you such as happiness, sadness, anger, etc. So, you need to connect with your audiences through facial expressions. #### **6. Pay attention to your appearance:** Apart from your personality, your dressing is also observed on the screen. Wear neat, nicely ironed clothes to enhance your personality in front of the camera. If you are a female wear light makeup & hair styling to enhance your look. #### **7. Be fully prepared:** Preparation is the base of facing camera so never go without preparation. Although some people can face a camera with high confidence without any preparation but generally people need preparation. Note down your script & keep it with you. Don’t cram rather try to discuss your points to look natural. #### **8. Practice:** Practice your script. For example, how you will keep your point or how you will explain an example. So practice 2-3 times to remember the script & it will also build confidence in you. #### **9. Arrange for good lighting:** There should be good lighting during your practice & actual recording. Set up with sound lighting makes you look confident. ## **KEY NOTE#2: DELIVERY OF SPEECH** You should deliver your speech in such a manner that entertains & influences the audiences. _You can speak well if you deliver the message of your heart._ #### **1. Internalise:** Close your eyes for 5 minutes & feel your script. Think about your reaction if you were in the same situation. Feel the idea of the subject & your delivery style will improve. #### **2. Conversation style:** Engage your audiences in conversation during speech because you are not delivering a lecture. Use words according to your audiences & give examples to which they can relate. Build emotional connect through some drama to hook your audiences. Because there are no live audiences where you can see their reaction, so you have to put some effort to ensure that your delivery becomes interesting. #### **3. Effective use of vocals:** Many factors can enhance it that are discussed as follows: - **Volume:** You can adjust the volume low or high accordingly. Also, microphones are used in front of the camera, so, you don’t need to be too high. - **Speed:** Keep your speed that is understood by other people. Don’t speak too fast like a machine gun neither be too slow as a slow train. Keep your delivery speed fast & lively to connect with audiences. - **Pitch:** Don’t keep the same pitch all the time. Use a high pitch to emphasise something. Adjust your pitch accordingly. - **Pauses:** Pause are used as a break in delivery. So take pauses from time to time. It also increases the clarity of the message. Don’t take a long pause because it should look like a part of your delivery. #### **4. Pronunciation:** Don’t do any mistake in word pronunciation. If you have a problem in pronunciation during practice, take the help of Google. ## **KEY NOTE#3: KEY POINTS TO FACE CAMERA** You should always keep in mind the following points facing the camera: 1. Stand straight or sit straight 2. Focus on body language 3. Breathe & internalise 4. Do practice 5. Maintain eye contact 6. Be confident 7. Know your audience 8. Talk to your self You should consider all these points for effective presentation in front of the camera.