# 1: Why is the right mindset important?** Mindset is an important factor for your personality development and in your success journey. The importance of the right mindset can be summed up as follows: #### **1. Developing healthy self-esteem:**  It maintains a balance in your self -esteem. You are the guard of your thoughts, so welcome the positivity, inspiration & show the exit way to unnecessary criticism. #### **2. Winning perspective:** If you have an optimistic mindset it will be seen in your attitude. There is no benefit of a pessimistic mindset, so throw it away from your system. If you are optimistic you can think of a winning strategy & required solutions. ##### **3. Harnessing drive:** Mostly successful people have harnessing drive in them. People give examples of their determination & this determination comes from the right positive mindset. It helps you in succeeding. #### **4. Facing challenges:** There are challenges at every point of life if you are a student, entrepreneur, or executive in a company. Either you can worry about challenges or you can accept them and move on with the help of the right mindset. # 2: How to build the right mindset?** There is no step by step implementation of building the right mindset, but it is often said that if you change your mindset, your attitude will also change. You can do the following things: #### **1. The positive attitude of never give up:** Never give up. Your personality is a reflection of your mind. For example, you like dancing but if you think that you are a bad dancer, you will always be conscious of the dance floor. Don't take it as a mental block because if you practice you can dance. As the famous quote" Anybody can dance". You should always follow the slogan of “Yes I can.” It can be explained through the following example: - Two friends named Rohan & Jimmy were going for an interview. Rohan has a negative attitude while Jimmy has a positive attitude. - Rohan has a low confidence level & he thinks of failure due to his negative attitude.  On interview day, Rohan wake late, he did not iron his shirt & went for the interview without any preparation. Now, he became more nervous by looking at other candidates & his mindset moved in a negative direction. So, he did not give the interview properly. Also, his presentation was very average so he believed about his rejection. - On the other hand, Jimmy has a positive attitude, he is confident. He rehearsed interview questions & he prepared his clothes for the interview a day before. His interview was O.K. Now selection or rejection is at the next level but Jimmy gave his 100%. - The difference between Rohan & Jimmy was in terms of attitude. Rohan made things worst due to his negative attitude whereas Jimmy worked on himself & he was positive for his interview. A positive attitude is a magical ingredient for your mindset. You should do the following things for your positive mindset. They will work slowly but you should start doing these things: - Positive thinking - Try to find a solution  - Keep benefits in mind & work hard - Keep distance from negative people - Use positive words (For example, I am feeling good, Everything is good, I will achieve my goals, etc.) #### **2. Efforts & consistency:** Always keep in mind that Success = Efforts x Consistency When you do continuous efforts, success will be achieved. For example, Mr. Warren Buffet is an investor & business tycoon. He is famous for his discipline & he spends hours reading financial statements of his investments. There is no lack of effort. You should keep in mind follow 2 things: 1. **Set a direction:** Set a target & move in that direction. If you need communication skills, focus on them.  2. **Try the Kaizen approach:** This concept got popularity from Japan that means “continuous improvement”. Focus on small improvements. Think about 1% change first, don’t jump of 100% otherwise you will be hopeless. This 1%, 2% & so on, and you will reach 100%. Also, this improvement will permanently retain you because you worked step by step towards it. It will become a part of your system. So, improvement might be small but the benefit is large. #### **3. Getting out of your comfort zone:** You should get out of your comfort zone otherwise you might not be able to handle new things. For example, Mrs. Samriti Grover worked in the same company for 10 years in TV journalism. Although she got bored in 7-8 years she did not leave the company because that was her comfort zone. Everyone knew her, she had full knowledge of her work & she was the boss. It does not mean that you should not stay in a company for too long, but if you want to try something new, you have to come out of the comfortable zone. She joined the Bada Business, tried new work & achieved success also. When you come out of comfort zone you will be: - **More productive:** When you do similar work for years, you are caught in a trap & don’t want to try new things. When you will come out of it, you will feel new energy & your attitude towards work will also change. - **Easier to deal with change:** You get prepared for the challenges of life. At least, you will know how to deal with them. - **Learn new skills:** There will new experiences, new learning, new skills that will pave the path for new opportunities to make you better. #### **4. Growth-oriented mindset vs. fixed mindset:** Growth-oriented mindset shows that you are ready for learning that will help in development also. On the other hand, people with a fixed mindset don't want to develop a new habit or skill where they want to change. For example, many people don't apply for new job roles even because they feel they don't fit for the job even if their skills match those jobs. They have already thought about the reasons & results, so they have left no scope for trial. On the contrary, an example of a growth-oriented mindset. For example, if Sachin Tendulkar thought of quitting the sports due to injuries, he might have not witnessed the historical victories in matches. His focus was completely on his growth so despite being a top batsman he practiced hard & learned new techniques to overcome his injuries. Due to a growth-oriented mindset, he maintained the tag of his “ Little master”. You have a growth-oriented mindset when you do the following things: - Face new challenges - Perform better than quitters - Open to feedback #### **5. Replace failure with learning:** Open your mind & replace failure with learning. In childhood, we are taught that failure is a bad thing but we are not explained that failure allows becoming better & working more hard. So always remember “It is OK to fail" because no one is interested to fail. For example, entrepreneurs don't succeed for the first time & things become perfect for the first time. So, learn from failure & rise again. >**Do not fear failure, fear not trying.** You should not fear failure instead of fear when you are not trying because the experience is the best teacher for you.  You should work on your mindset & give it the right direction that is positive & growing. If you promote such a mindset, you have mastered a big aspect of personality development.