## WHAT IS THE PRESENTATION? Presentation is the art through which you keep your point in front of another person. Anyone can give a presentation but few people give good presentations. _Good presentation educates & motivates you._ ## **5 P’S PRESENTATION MODEL** You should follow the 5 P of this model for your presentation that is discussed as follows: 1. **P-** Planning 2. **P-** Preparation 3. **P-** Practice 4. **P-** Presenting fully 5. **P-** Positivity Now let us discuss these 5P’s in detail: 1. ==**Planning:**== You have to consider the following points in planning: - What will I tell? - How will I tell? - What do I have told? - What do I expect? 2. ==**Preparation:**== You should prepare about content, facts & information. If your preparation is incomplete, audiences will catch your mistake. So, be fully prepared. 3. ==**Practice:**== If you go without practice, your presentation will never be successful. Without practice, you will get fail not successful. Practice your presentation for at least 15-20 times before going in front of audiences. 4. ==**Presenting fully:**== Put your best efforts into your presentation. Don’t leave anything. 5. ==**Positivity:**== Be positive about your presentation that people will like, understand & accept it. ## HOW TO USE STAGE? The way you present yourself on stage is very important for presentation. You should consider these points: 1. ==**Audience connection & rapport building:**== It involves how you connect your audience & build your rapport. An actor gets chances of retake but as a presenter, you won’t get much chance. You have to connect for the first time. 2. ==**No lack of energy & enthusiasm:**== There should be any lack of enthusiasm & energy. 3. ==**Arrive ahead of time:**== Also arrive at the venue ahead of time. 4. ==**Don’t stand in one place:**== You can deep breathing to build confidence in you. Also don’t stick to one place during the presentation, you have to do the movement. Keep moving towards the audience & then back towards the stage & so on. Keep in mind not to show your back to the audience while moving back towards the stage. 5. ==**Don’t move too fast:**== Also doesn’t move too speed on the stage. If you move too fast on stage, it will lessen you are connected with audiences. If this connection is not built, the audience will not understand your point. Also, take a pause when you make connections with audiences. 6. ==**Use helping material carefully:**== Always use helping material in a proper & careful manner. For example, it should not be there that your PPT is running fast while you are using or cue cards are falling from your hands. 7. ==**Test MIC & sound:**== Always test MIC & sound because it will create problems for audiences if the volume too low or too high. ## **PRESENTATION DELIVERY** Your entire presentation might fail in absence of proper delivery. You should consider the following points: ==**1. Don’t pause too much:**== Don’t pause & think too much during the presentation otherwise, it will create a dead air & your audience will think that presenter is not ready. **2. ARCS model:** Apply the ARCS model as follows: - ==**A- Attention:**== While starting any presentation, you can share any experience with your audience to gain their attention. For example, Mr. Vipin explained a story to his audiences that there was a woodcutter who could not cut trees. Some people in the audience replied, “number of trees might be more.” Some said, “he might not be energetic.” Some said, “he might have not sharpened his axe.” Now Mr. Vipin replied, “Dear friends, the real question is not about the sharpness of woodcutter axe, but the real question is the sharpness of your capabilities.” So, you can use such examples to get the attention of your audiences. - ==**R- Relevance:**== Explain the relevance of the topic to your audiences. A presentation is not the presentation if you do not explain its relevance. For example**,** If you say “I am here to sell this pen, please buy it” no one will buy, but if you say “this is one of the finest pens of this world, comfortable touch” this shows you have explained about relevance. - ==**C-Confidence:**== You cannot present if you lack confidence. You cannot make others believe in you if you don’t believe yourself. - ==**S-Satisfaction:**== When you make others believe they become satisfied. They feel they are listening to the right person & investing their time with the right person. Present yourself like a subject matter expert who has full knowledge of the topic. You can use facts & data. Use simple language for your presentation. Connect your audiences with the presentation. Keep asking questions from your audiences in between so that they will not feel bored. He will not feel that he is only hearing because he will be involved during the presentation. ## KNOW YOUR AUDIENCES** Know the type & behavior of your audience. You should do the following things: 1. ==**Avoid disturbing the audience:**== Some people might disturb you. Avoid such people unless they don’t become a problem for you. When they create a problem, explain politely to become a part of this presentation. 2. ==**Control word speed:**== Don’t speak too loud otherwise they won’t understand what you are saying. Talk like a human not like a machine otherwise your audience will get bored too easily. 3. ==**Art of buying time:**== Don’t fear if you don’t know the answer to audience questions, rather ask them to give you some time to get back to them with answers. This is known as the art of buying time. 4. ==**Take opinion poll:**== You can also take the opinion of others for that answer. ## **BODY LANGUAGE** Your body language is very important because it shows show confidently you are presenting yourself. You should do the following things: - Don’t move your hands too much (move your hands when you want to explain something) - Don’t move shoulders too much - Always keep a smile on your face (smile shows your confidence ) - Do not read every word of the slide (if you read every word audience will think that you are only reading & giving a presentation) - Make eye contact (people will feel that you are looking at them & not ignoring anybody. Don’t make eye contact with any person for more than 1-2 seconds otherwise the audience will take it wrong) A good presentation not only gives you success but also builds your relationships. _Relationship leads to revenues & relationship leads to avenues_ A beautiful presentation should have a good opening, facts-based body & good closing. Follow all the points discussed in this video for your presentations.