# Similar and Important for Everyone It is better to start the personality development as early as possible like when you are a student because, after that, you need to attract, influence, inspire, and convince people at every point in life. So, it is similar and important for everyone. When big corporate managers require personality development, then we also need it. # Both External and Internal** When we talk about influencing people, then it is not restricted to the external appearance and communication skills of a person in personality development. **For example:** - You buy a car by getting influenced from its look and appearance. But, the car is not good from inside and does not work properly. So, you have stopped using it or sold it finally. - In this case, the problem is that the car is not as strong from inside as it is attractive from outside. Personality development is the same as this. If you show it only from outside, then you will fail after sometime. So, you should remember the formula: $I = Internal + External$ So, you should have: - Good appearance - Good speaking skills - Good listening skills - Right mentality - Increase confidence - Remove fear that what people think about you - Build leadership # Includes Theory and Practical In personality development, theory and practical both are equally important. In our schools and colleges, we are neither taught personality development nor do people understand its importance. Thus, most of the people are poor in social skills. Therefore, after some guidance, people of every category recognise its importance. - Right Mindset - Self-confidence - Leadership - Team management - IQ and EQ - Adaptation and flexibility All these work on your mentality and make your mind so strong that helps you in taking decisions and handling adverse situations. The personality development focuses on communication: - Public speaking - Speaking on stage - Theatre - Ways to be social - Ways to initiate a conversation - Dressing sense - Body language The Part of the personality development course focuses on social media personality and it includes videos on brand building for becoming an influencer. >**Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals.** >by Brian Tracy ### **What does personality stands for?** - **P – People/psychology**: Understand people, be with them, and understand situations. This will increase your understanding as well. - **E – External:** It includes everything that is external like adjustment with others, know others, and express yourself, and how to work in the office. - **R – Reason:** Everything should have a reason or goal. - **S – Social:** Meet people, network with them, give speeches, and conduct meetings. - **O – Observe:** If you observe, then only you will learn and implement it. - **N – Needs:** Understand your needs and the needs of others like your customers’ needs and employees’ needs. - **A – Appearance:** You should work on your looks, appearance, and body language. - **L – Learning:** Learning leads to improvement. - **I – Internalise:** It helps you in understanding how to handle things in life and how to make them the part of your personality. - **T – Think:** Without thinking, you cannot move ahead. - **Y – Yes, I can:** If you move with positivity, then you will get up after falling.