# Feedback form for building best practices Bill Gates's golden statement “Great Feedback is a critical element of best-practice performance management”. You will keep on improving until you get feedback. You are running a business. Your goal is: - To grow your business - Increase in your customer. - More people should use your product - Increase in customer loyalty - How will you know that the result of your efforts is positive or negative? - What are clients saying about your product? - You can give a satisfactory customer experience when you get all the above information. # #1 Importance of Feedback Form 1. Feedback help improves products and services – When you launch any new product you do research on it. You analyse the market share, decide the brand, understand customer problems. But the real value i.e. advantages and disadvantages are known only when your product comes in market and customer uses that. Nowadays customer needs and expectations also change from time to time. Customer feedback is an insight that makes your product better and customer experience as well. Example: Uber the taxi sharing service and app has kept the ratings for drivers. Whenever you travel, you must have seen drivers request you to rate well because if their rating is low then they face problem with Uber. Uber penalises the drivers who have less ratings frequently. They have improved their services and customer satisfaction through customer feedbacks and ratings. 2. Customer Feedback helps measure Customer satisfaction – Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are important factors in the company's growth. It is directly linked with your market share, better revenues, sale of your product, and services. Many companies use a rating base system for improving their customer satisfaction. This is also called NPS (Net Promoter Score). By NPS, you come to know about the happy and sad customers. NPS is based on simple questions like How is your experience using our product? Will you recommend our product to a friend? NPS is a rating scale between 0 to 10 where 0-5 raters are called detractors who hardly boost or say well about your product. 6-10 rating people are called promoters because they promote your product and are your loyal customer. By this survey you come to know that how many customers are happy with your services and become your promoter. Example: Book my show is a booking portal where you can book a movie ticket and event ticket. After every transaction, they ask rating for your experience on their website. 3. Collecting Customer Feedback shows you value their opinion –Everyone appreciates if you ask them how they like their product and services. Customers feel that you value their opinion and you want to give a solution instead of only making money. Customer loyalty increases by this. Example: A very famous hotel known by name of Hotel Hyatt is spread at many places in India. They are known for their customer experience and have understood the pulse of their customer. Their entire brand is built on customer feedback. 4. Improves Customer Retention – A satisfied customer will always be with you and a sad customer will leave you going  to other brand. Customer feedback helps you to know about client satisfaction and improvement areas come clearly in front of you. Pacify and give solutions to the negative experience of your customers. This is an opportunity to retain your customer. Example: Dell is a computer brand that got many negative feedbacks in the years 2005-2006 on the Internet. Internet is a social media that spread the information all across very quickly and a negative image builds for them. Dell understood the feedback and they learned from it by making a separate website for customer feedback which they named as “idea storm. In 5 years of time around 15000 suggestions came and out of it 500 suggestions they used and implemented in their product. By this they gained customers trust and retained them back. 5. Positive Customer Feedback helps in acquiring new customer – In the era of social media, customers trust more on feedback than on advertising because they know that the product is already being tried by these customers so the feedback will be genuine. Example: We use Airbnb searching for accommodation if we are going somewhere and use Zomato for searching for a good restaurant. You open them and read their reviews and then book. 6. Feedback form helps taking business decisions –In today’s world business decisions are taken on data and not on guesswork. The data are analysed and strategy is made. Customer feedback is a reliable source of data by which you can think of good strategy. Customer incites help to understand customer and we will get direction to invest money in product with better ROI. # #2 How to create Feedback Forms and ways to take feedback?  There are many ways of feedback form but which you will use depends on What do you want to know from this information? What medium you are using i.e. online, through retail stores or giving a hard copy of forms? Try to keep your feedback mechanism digital because you get quick and genuine feedback from it and customers also get a lot of convenience because they can give feedback on their mobile, laptop, desktop from anywhere. # #3 Feedback through Digital Channel Feedback through Chat – You can take this after purchase or at the time of purchase also. If the customer takes the product from you, then show a chat button or a pop up or chat button on website. By clicking it the chat box opens and it can ask about shopping and product experience. Many times after 1 week of your product purchase you get mails where product feedback is asked. Feedback form on your site – According to survey 54% online shoppers prefer this method to talk to customer service. Keep short form with only relevant questions. Highlight your email id or feedback tab for more visibility and impact. Take feedback while completion of online purchase-As the online purchase is about to finish and it moves to checkout you can give some multiple choice questions about the experience on product usage. Monitor Hash tags –Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are a valuable resource for customer feedback. You can track all conversation related to your brand on these platforms. There are various tools  also for this on social media. You can quickly respond to any problem. You can message directly to consume or can ask them to fill the feedback form on the site or chat. Rating based feedback – This survey works when you have 3-4 questions to ask from your customer. NPS is one of the options where you can ask your customer to rate their experience between 0 -10.They reveals very valuable trends. You can also ask your customer to give yes or no feedback. Yes means they are satisfied and No means you ask them to write about their negative experience. This survey can be helpful in retail based. Polls – This is a very user-friendly and effective method. Through your website, hangouts, or on social media you can take polls and it can help you taking important business decisions. Example: In holidays, when people go on vacation many brands bring holiday collections. If you want to put something customer centric then you can use a poll where you can ask your customer and preferences on clothing. # #4 How the Feedback form and content should be? To know what exactly your customer thinks about your product your feedback form should have questions which answer 5 basic things – - Why customers took your product and services? - What does he like about your product? - How was his experience with the company, brand, product, on the website? - Could he easily found what he was searching on your website or store? - What changes they would prefer in your product to make it better? - To how many people they would recommend your product? To get specific feedback about your product you need to have these questions in your feedback form: - Will your customer recommend your product? - When he was searching this product did your company came first to your mind? - From where did they come to know about your brand? - Why they choose your product as a preferred product? By the above questions, you come to know that: - Whether the website gave this insight to them about your product - Your salesman was very savvy who  pitched so well and brought them - Your online reputation is good - Listen to your customer unhappiness, handle very patiently, and mend this issue. Design, look, colour, template of your feedback form is also very important. Your feedback form should be clean, clear pointed questions, and easy to answer with appealing to customers. Keep enough space in the form and your form should not look cluttered. Don’t force customers to answer each question because if forced then he may in between abandon the feedback form. Use logical flow in your feedback form that is based on customers' experience when he purchases the product. The form could be used on any device like tab, mobile, iPad, laptop, desktop, etc. so that he can easily access it anywhere. Keep less questions, to the point, and with clear objective. Don’t use many jargons and technical terms. Keep language easy. # #5 Tools used to make and analyse feedback form 1. Google Form & Spread sheet - If you don’t want to use a paid tool then you can use Google form to design your feedback form. When you design your form, then on the responses tab do fit click and make a new spreadsheet. Save IT with the name of the feedback form and manage its responses on it. By analysing these responses, you can understand your improvement area. Since its time consuming so you can hire a resource that has knowledge over business analytics. He can use all data and analyse them and submit the final report. You can device your business strategy, and improve your business & customer satisfaction. 2. Paid Tools –You can take the help of paid tools and make the process simple. Tools  like - ==Get feedback-== You can create surveys along with images and use your brands colour and font. By using this tool you feel that you are talking to your customer. After consumer purchases your product you send a thank you message with feedback form link. - ==Zongka Feedback-== This is very extensive feedback software which can work on any medium like mobiles, I pad, iPhones, laptop, tabs. It gives real time feedback management and real time analysis on emails, SMS, mobiles, I pad, iPhones, laptop, tabs. 3. PI Happiness-Its core feature is NPS (Net promoter Score). It gives the right direction about customer satisfaction. Notifies on negative feedback about your product and generates feedback report quickly Service Paro – It makes surveys conversational. Its feedback way is very engaging and it creates a mobile first survey which makes feel customer like a chat. Client heartbeat – This gives customer feedback analysis through emails. It has a feature that gives an option to benchmark your customer satisfaction and comparing it with competitors. You can automate the survey process. # #6 How to analyse customer satisfaction? You can use these methods to analyse your customer satisfaction especially if your feedback form is close-ended like NPS, Polls, and multiple-choice questions 1. Open-ended form - In this form, the customer writes their feedback in paragraphs. Here you require analysis like situational analysis or what sentiments they had. 2. Close Ended Feedback analysis method – Top two box core approaches – It’s a very common method of analysing customer satisfaction scores and customer effect scores. It takes out the percentage of all customers who have given the top two rankings on your rating scale. Average or median Score –Many big companies use this method. You take average or median score of your customer satisfaction. Modes Score –In this method which answer is most chosen you analyse that. It’s useful for multiple choice questions. NPS (Net Promoter Score) – It’s a perfect measure for customer loyalty and retention.