If you want to increase the speed of process and operations then you need to increase productivity.  It is important because; Anything that is not measured cannot be improved. So, here in this article we will learn, ‘How to Measure Productivity?’ ### **Formula of Productivity** Productivity simply means Output divided by Input. $OUTPUT/INPUT = PRODUCTIVITY$ Let’s understand this with some examples. **Example 1** Suppose you gave 5-kg fodder to the Cow (Input) and the Cow gave 50 litres Milk (Output), therefore Productivity = 50 litre per 5 kg                    = 10 litre per kg That is, the productivity of cow is 10 litre of milk per kg of fodder given. **Example 2** Suppose a batsman played 100 match (Input) and scored 1000 run (Output), therefore Productivity = 1000 run per 10 Match                    = 100 run per Match That is, the productivity of batsman is 100 runs per match played. ### **Elements of Productivity** To increase productivity, improvement in both human and technological elements is required i.e. ► **Human Elements-** To improve human elements, you give your employees Overtime, Incentive, Salary hike and ESOPs. ► **Technological Elements-** It is related to technology or machines. ### **Critical Success Factor to Maximize Productivity** You need to identify critical success factors to maximize your productivity and convert it into formula of productivity. There are two major factors, which are responsible for increasing productivity of an employee in an organization. These are: ► Key Responsibility Area (KRA) ► Key Performance Indicator (KPI)