12 strategies to improve your retail display so that you can attract customers and increase sales. You will learn how to make your retail display and shop attractive so that the customers prefer to come to your shop. For this, you need to follow some strategies. Let us discuss these strategies. # #1 Follow a Theme If there is a colourful theme in the display of your shop, it gives a unique experience to the customers. For example: United Colors of Benetton follows a theme of rainbow to make the store looks extremely colourful and attractive. This attracts the customers to enter the store and try their clothes. Even customers do not want to move out of such an attractive store. Chumbak is a modern brand and they have colourful and attractive products. Also, their display tells a story that gives a different experience to the customers. Therefore, it is important to make an impression on the customers not only through your product but also through the store. # #2 Cross Merchandising Marks and Spencer is a clothing brand and they display various items on the mannequins like a shirt, pants, cap, and handbag and they all complement each other to form a perfect combination. Therefore, the customer likes the whole look of the mannequin and buys the whole package. This is called cross merchandising wherein you influence your customer to purchase more things and this increases your order value. Therefore, the right display helps in increasing your sales. # #3 Keep Displays Portable To give a clean and spacious experience to the customers, create a portable display for your shop so that it can be moved and kept anywhere as per the convenience. You can not only change the position of this display but can also change the product easily. Also, the focused products can be kept on this display and in front of the shop to grab the customers’ attention. For example: Cosmetic shops have portal displays of various specific brands like Lakme, Maybelline, Dove, etc. The display of the highest selling brand can be kept in front to grab the customers’ attention. Similarly, small and handy electronics like headphones and Bluetooth speakers should also be kept in a portable placement so that you can make full use of the space of your shop and can display new products for the customers. # #4 Use Displays to Educate People: Suppose you go to a shop to buy kitchen utensils with your wife but you don’t understand the usage of many things as there is a wide variety of every utensil. In that case, you either wait for the salesman to tell you the usage or take the product to home and experiment on your own. Display of a shop can work as the best mode of information in such a situation. For example, Crate and Barrel has a wide variety of kitchenware and that is why they give information of usage of every product in their store through the display. # #5 Use Technology to Enhance your Shop Design: Van Heusen launched a store to offer a digital experience to the customers. When you enter the Van Heusen store, you see a big digital screen displaying all the top designs, top looks and everything new in the store. This screen also has a sizing scanner that takes your measurements. Also, there is a virtual mirror that lets the customer choose the shirt or jeans he wishes to try. The minute he selects the shirt or jeans, it gets displayed on his body and he can see how it looks on him without even trying it. # #6 Use Lighting to Feature Products: When you click a picture and lighting is not good, the picture comes out bad. Similarly, if the lighting in a store is not good, the product may not appeal to the customer. This doesn’t mean that you should full your store with light. You should select the lightning according to the theme of your store. For example: Spykar is a jeans brand that targets the youth. They have kept the design of their showroom simple and also kept the colours of walls and shelves similar. But, unlike other brands instead of focusing the lights on their jeans from above, they focused the light from front. This unique way helps in displaying the details of the jeans clearly. Also, the jeans displayed on the table have low voltage lighting. In this way, they used the lightning to make their product more appealing. # #7 Change Display Often If you wish to have the same customer on your shop again and again, it is important to change the display of your shop on the window every week. For example, the shopkeepers of crowded markets like Lajpat Nagar in Delhi or Linking Road in Mumbai keep on changing the display of their shops regularly as a lot of people come for shopping every day. # #8 Make Merchandise Easy to See and Buy Always follow the rule of keeping things at eye length. For example, when you go to a grocery store, all the things are displayed on shelves in front of your eyes and they are also easy to pick. You should also try that the product should not be kept out of the reach of the customer like do not keep the product at the bottom or upper shelves as it becomes inconvenient for customers to reach these products. Therefore, the design of the store should be as per the convenience of the customers. # #9 Work on Your Window and Entrance Window display is the face of your shop as it is the very first thing that a customer see. For Example: When you enter a hotel and see an attractive chandelier and royal carpet, you feel impressed. Likewise, the window display of your shop should be very attractive. Studio Pepperfry is a furniture shop. When you enter the shop you experience something unique as compared to the traditional furniture shops and you feel like buying the furniture. # #10 Go for an Unusual Display Shape Box shelves are too common and do not offer anything unique. So, you should design your display using the shelves of different shapes. For example: The brands of drinks display their product in the shape of a bottle. Frooti displayed a tree in a store along with fake fruits and kept the cartons with Frooti below the tree. The children found this concept very unique and attractive. # #11 Encourage Product Testing If your product could be tested before purchasing, the customer believes that the product is right. For example: Body Shop displays body scrub or butter along with a small bottle that is a tester and put a display on which “Try Me” is written. Customers cannot resist trying the product and after trying, they buy it. # #12 Keep prices visible The product displayed should always have its price along. Also, special deals and discounts should also be displayed properly so that the customer does not miss it. At times, the customer may like one of your products but as the price is not mentioned, the customer assumes it to be expensive. Your display helps in improving sales and is one of the techniques of silent sales. There is a saying that: Rome was not built in one day. So, go to your competitor’s store and see how they are functioning to learn better.