# **#1 Reason for Change in Career** - Find a new direction for career - Implement your new skills and capabilities in your new job - Want to make more money because you are not satisfied with your existing income - Want a career switch because you are bored from your line and want to try something new Here, we are not talking about changing companies like you were a salesperson in your last company and you changed your job and became a sales head in your new company. But, we are talking about the change of occupation. # **#2: Things to be considered before a career change** 1. Select an occupation that gives you satisfaction in all terms 2. Find out the difference in career profiles 3. Check whether you have the required skills and passion to enter the new occupation **For example:** - Giorgio Armani has started his career as a doctor but he had a great passion for fashion. - So, he started taking care of the window display at a store. Later, he became a salesperson in the same store. He has done various jobs for 20 years. - After 20 years, he started his business and became a famous fashion designer. 4. While changing your career, you should have vision clarity, i.e. you need to determine whether money is important for you or work satisfaction. This is because when you change your career, you don't need to get the same salary as in your previous occupation. So, you should keep this in mind while changing your career. 5. Determine where you see yourself in the next 15 years like: - How should be your growth? - What are the opportunities that you may get in the long-term? - How will you do the promotion? **For example:** - Mala Thapar, a Professional, has studied HR, got a Diploma in PR, and also done the job of PR Officer. But, she wanted to become an entrepreneur. - She wanted to go to a field where she could improve the lives of people. So, she started his organisation, BGCL, wherein she gives guidance to women to grow in life. - She always wanted to do this whether she get less income. For her, a fearless approach was everything and work satisfaction was the most important. # **#3 Challenges in Career Change** - Financial crisis - Lack of qualification - Family issues You need to do a lot of effort to convince your parents about something because they are worried about you. In such a case, if you try to make your parents understand that you want to change your career, then it will create a lot of trouble. **For example:** - Sonia Thiyam, a famous beauty blogger, from Manipur. She was studying medicine but she was not interested in it. She wanted to write about beauty and makeup, which she personally likes a lot. - So, she left her career as a doctor and started blogging. In the first year, she had not earned anything and her parents were not happy with her decision. - But, she was confident about her talent.  - Gradually, with the increase in social media and brands got to know about her, her following increases, and today, she works with several brands. Her Instagram following is more than 2.8 lakh. - So, in her case, she has faced various challenges like financial and family issues but she has confidence in herself. So, she becomes successful in her career.    # **#4 Things to Keep in Mind – Career Change** - **Clarity of thought:** You should have clarity in mind. - **Clarity of action:** You should have a clear plan about what you want to do. - **The clarity in communication:** You should be clear about whom should you talk with and ask from. # **#5 Career Change – Checklist** **1. Assessment:** You should determine your: - Talent - Interest areas - Abilities  - Capabilities (that you can do better than others) **2. Make a list of job functions in which you want to work:** Suppose you are in sales but you can do better in digital marketing and you will get good growth, then you should research the job functions of digital marketing companies and make a list of these functions. **3. Connect professionals on LinkedIn:** If your LinkedIn account has contacts related to the career in which you want to go, then you should talk with them and ask about the industry, job roles, etc. If you collaborate with the right person, then it will: - Help in decision making - Provide the right direction **4. Learn New Skills:** If you want to learn new skills for a new career, then you can do either of the two things: - Subscribe to the online course as they are not very costly and provide practical learnings as well. So, you can train yourself for new challenges. - Start taking interest in the digital marketing functions of your current company. Work with their team and get some experience. Nowadays, companies are very flexible, they will encourage you if you want to learn something new. **5. Shift your brand:** If you follow salespeople on social media, then now start interacting with digital marketing people. Also, start sharing posts related to digital marketing. You should also start commenting on social media trends. This will make people understand that you are interested more in digital marketing.