Career planning for students that play a vital role in achieving success in their career. Students work very hard for their career, they want to grow in their career, they have ambitions in their life but fail due to career planning. They don’t understand how to do career planning and which career suits them. Here, he specifically shares 8 steps framework known as, Schein’s Career Anchors Framework. - Technical & Functional  - General Management  - Autonomy & Independence - Security & Stability  - Entrepreneurial Creativity  - Service & Dedication to a cause  - Pure Challenge  - Lifestyle  # **#1 Technical & Functional**  - If your technical & functional anchor is very strong, your career will move towards the technical & functional line. - For example, you enjoy coding on computers and you spend nights making software through coding. You like creativity and many of you would have been smart who have done website coding and earned an income by such coding during college time. - This is an anchor, that includes a technical line or functional such as manufacturing where the functional requirement is there. - Therefore, if your technical and functional anchor is strong, you will go in a technical line or functional oriented lines that are generally seen in manufacturing. # **#2 General Management** - General management anchor is very interesting and people consider it a generalist role.  - For example, you might have heard during your guest lectures in college people asking if you want to become a specialist or generalist. People don’t want to become generalists as they feel being a generalist is a small role, while specialists earn more money such as doctors and lawyers. - Generalist doesn’t mean a small role. Generalist means you are a person who will not enter into one particular function rather you will take responsibility for overall function. - For example, if Mr. Paritosh Sharma is doing this video, he is responsible not only for this video but for the entire course. He is responsible for course shoot, post-production, actual publishing, product launch, marketing, and technology. This is known as a general management role. - If your general management anchor is very strong, you should look for general management types of roles and you should move your career towards this path. # **#3 Autonomy & Independence**  Autonomy and independence refer to freedom and If you like freedom, it shows your autonomy & independence anchor is very strong. If your anchor is strong you have two options: - You can become an intrapreneur in a big company.  - You can choose to be an entrepreneur.  If you want autonomy in decision making, you can be in a senior position in a big company or you can be an intrapreneur.  You can choose to be an entrepreneur and be your own boss you can get autonomy and independence. If this is your career anchor is very strong, then you should look for a career accordingly.  If you choose some other career option such as an employee just for the sake of money, you won’t survive for a long time there. Therefore, you should go for clarity in your mind about your career option. # **#4 Security & Stability**  - If your security & stability anchor is very strong, you are a person who looks for job security and job stability. - You trade your skills, loyalty, and time towards job security & job stability. You give your skills, loyalty, and time to your company and the company provides you money, job security, and job scalability in turn. - If your security and stability anchor is very strong, you have fear of becoming an entrepreneur and intrapreneur and you prefer insurance over the stock market as a good investment to grow your money and you can manage to make money for your children in the next 20 years. - Therefore, you have a single option to go for a good job of the employee mindset. There is nothing wrong as every anchor is unique in its own ways. Every individual possesses his specific anchors and strong suits and you have to choose your career accordingly. # **#5 Entrepreneurial Creativity**  This anchor is very strong for people who are involved in creativity. It does not mean that you have to make a self-driven car-like Evan musk or launch a rocket even if you are a potter and you make beautiful pots of clay and you think: - How Can I make interesting products of this clay? - How Can I make valuable things so that I get a more refined customer? - How can I increase my market value and earn more money? For example, there is an interesting website known as kick []( which is a crowdfunding website. Many people join this website who are called” creators” who have a strong anchor in entrepreneurial. They have a creative mindset and create anything. If creation is your strong suit, you can think innovatively you have knowledge in hardware, software knowledge than you should go for this line only. # **#6 Service & Dedication to a cause**  - The best example of this suite is Mr. Entrepreneur is a business owner, a successful entrepreneur with a strong following of millions of people on social media.  - He has an interesting background of 4 years of being a monk where he was associated with the Isckon organization.  - His strong suit is service and dedication and he never runs behind money and he achieved success.  - He runs Bada Business as a service cause for his life. All the employees of Bada Business Pvt Ltd. feel that service and dedication are the strong suite for them. - If you have a strong suite you can join any NGO where feel like you are doing service and not just a job. # **#7 Pure Challenge**  - There are many people who like challenges and take these challenges very seriously.  - Sometimes, they even go beyond their own expectations due to these challenges because they feel they have to complete the challenge they take. - If you relate to this, you can take your career in agency sight, innovation sight. If You can join a technology-based company you will find more challenging work than a service-based company where work is similar in nature. # **#8 Lifestyle** - If lifestyle is your strong suite, you want a smooth personal and professional life and you want a 9-5 job. You want a lifestyle in which you can spend time with your family, have weekends fun in malls and shopping, etc.  - You can choose your career in NGO’s and not for profit organizations where this is a working lifestyle. - If this strong suite for you, then don’t join any startup, because have to work day and night. - For example, in Bada Business people work day and night, 24 hours and lifestyle is like that only. Mr. Paritosh shares his own personal experience that lifestyle is not his strong suite. He works day and night, 24 hours in the service of entrepreneurs. He feels if the student and entrepreneur of our country is growing rapidly, the country will change and he is working towards this future. - If your lifestyle is a strong suite, then don’t go for a startup rather than go for a large established company where there is stability, functions, and job role are defined. You will go in the morning, have a lunch break and return in the evening and processes are running smoothly. All these 8 career anchors frameworks help you in career planning. You will be able to see which career suits you. Not every company is good for you and you will never become a student who runs behind every job. If you run behind every job you will not be able to succeed in your career.  This framework will prove very critical in your career.