Shivansh Garg, the Founder of Young Engine, shares his own story as a case study. He has started with Rs. 500 and today his company has a value of Rs. 1 crore. He is also impacting the lives of students and helping them to choose their careers and becoming entrepreneurs. # **#1 How to take the correct decision in a career?** During school as well as college, Shivansh Garg was not clear about the subject he should choose or the career he should opt for. When he started his internship of 30 days in Aditya Birla, then he got some idea of what he wanted to do in life. He realised the following things: - He didn’t want to do a desk job as done in actuarial science in which he has opted as the subject of graduation. - In his internship, he had to do sales calls. While doing a sales call, he realised that he likes to talk with people. - As he had to do the calls in the English language, his English became good by doing calls daily. - He started liking what he was doing.  - So, you need to do the following things to grow in your career: - You need to work hard to learn anything. Whether you take any type of training, till the time you practically apply anything, you cannot learn anything. - You need to understand yourself and what you like to do. After that, you can take the correct decision about your career. # **#2 Identifying the leadership quality**  - When Shivansh Garg was in the 2nd year of his college, he started becoming a member of various societies and communities.  - He started taking lead by making people around him comfortable. He treated them as friends instead of considering them as seniors or juniors. - During his internships, he learned various skills which he also taught to his seniors without hurting their ego. These things help him to connect with people and lead them. - So, you can also develop leadership by helping people and treating them well so that they start connecting with you. # **#3 Identifying Critical Skills** Shivansh Garg was doing various internships and most of them were in sales. In his final year, he has done his last internship, which was in hard-core sales. One of his mentors told Shivansh Garg that you can decide your package yourself in a sales job. Salespeople are the highest-paid employees in an organisation. This is because you can earn as much as you want in sales. After all, you get a commission on the product you sell. So, if you sell more, you can earn more.  Therefore, Shivansh Garg used to work on holidays as well because he can earn more money by doing more meetings and closing more sales deals.  To bring perfection in his work, Shivansh Garg started learning sales. In sales, you need to: - Start building a relationship with your customers - Start building network with people # **#4 Qualities required for being an entrepreneur** Shivansh Garg went to his mentor to understand what qualities were needed to become an entrepreneur. For becoming an entrepreneur, you require: - Passion and grit are essential so that you can work day and night because there is no overnight success and you need to work for 2-4 years for getting success.  - Leadership skills to keep the people connected with you. You need to build a team of trusted people who stands with you in your entrepreneurial journey. - Sales skills because you need to sell yourself to your employees, investors, etc. and tell them about your vision and connect your team with your vision. You need to give incentives or motivate your employees every day. - Talking with people and convincing people because you need to meet several people to sell your product. # **#5 Funding for Startup** - While doing his job, Shivansh Garg realized that there is a gap in the market and students are not able to get the job as they lack skills. - So, Shivansh Garg tried to build a connection between the companies in which he has done internships and the students. He named his company Unique Engine. - To check whether there was actually a gap or not, Shivansh Garg along with some of his friends formed a community and visited some colleges and asked students if they want to learn something, they can join their community by filling a form of Rs. 100. This will help them to learn something that enables them to earn Rs. 1000. - They talked to 50,000 students and able to sell 1200 forms [in 10 days](x-apple-data-detectors://1) without a website. As a result, they have received seed capital of Rs. 1,20,000. - After that, they went to the companies and asked for projects free of cost. - They also asked the companies for validation that if they sent a student that he has done these projects with them and has the skills required by the company, then the company will hire them. All these things seem easy but the entrepreneurial journey is not easy because every day an entrepreneur needs to face a new challenge.  But, you should not give up on facing these challenges. You should keep working hard as there is no overnight success. If you are impacting the lives of people, then you will become successful as people will come to you automatically. If you ask for genuine help in your business, you will get it.  # **#6 Competencies to Become Successful** **1. Perseverance:** You can build perseverance either slowly or using something that triggers you. You need to start making changes slowly. **2. Networking:** Before talking about work, start asking people about themselves. You should also keep remembering about something currently happening in someone’s life like an upcoming birthday, engagement, ceremony, etc. This helps in connecting with people. **3. Leadership:** You should have leadership skills to lead your team by motivating and inspiring your team. Take the team ahead with you. **4. Sales:** It is the most important skill because, in case of any emergency, you can sell products, jobs, etc. to any other company. **5. Helping people genuinely:** If you help someone genuinely, then he will always remember you and may help you in the future.