This article sheds light upon which roles will offer more salary in the coming years. This is very critical and opens up your vision. In coming time means in the next 3 years 2020-2023, which are the emerging roles that will offer you: - More salary - More jobs Following are 15 roles that we are showing that are provided by LinkedIn research of 2020: - Artificial Intelligence Specialist  - Robotics Engineer - Data Scientist - Full Stack Engineer - Site Reliability Engineer  - Customer Success Specialist - Sales Development Representative - Data Engineer - Behavioral Health Technician - Cyber Security Specialist - Back End Developer - Chief Revenue Officer - Cloud Engineer - Java Script Developer - Product Owner Did you were aware of these roles and see the world is changing so fast. Now you might feel that: - You have not been aware of these roles 1 year or 5 years back? - Will you fit into these roles or not? - Is your education in the right direction or not? The most important critical competency that you have to build is you have to prepare yourself for the future. The future is now and in the coming times mostly things will be product-oriented. Companies will automatically productize their service and product companies will automate their products. For example, Yamaha bikes have two factories in Faridabad and Greater Noida. Their sporty Fazer Bike takes exactly 32 second to make an end to end bike. It is possible because there is an assembly line running with a minimum number of people left and right. Most magical thing hers is that there are around 8- 10 small ball bearings that might be mistaken by humans for 7 bearings that result in part nonworking. Now humans can commit mistakes out of tiredness. Therefore, they have fit 6 artificial intelligence cameras there that can measure and ensure that the perfect size of the bearing is done within microseconds. This is the magic of technology. So, you have to understand the coming time is different and you have to prepare yourself for this. Evolution is very fast; therefore, you have to build your competencies for the following roles. ### **#1 Artificial Intelligence Specialist** Not everyone can become an AI specialist. For example, Mr. Paritosh Sharma feels he can’t be an AI specialist because he has to learn a lot of things such as codes and machine learning language and AI is not his area of interest. But if he feels AI is the only option to survive in the future, he has to learn AI. ### **#2 Robotics Engineer** There will be a lot of people who will make robots that work in the factory. Robots do not make robots but a human makes a robot which is a very critical role. For this you have to understand the following: - Physics - Science - Hardware - Software ### **#3 Data Scientist** This role is available in all companies including big companies such as: - Facebook - You tube - LinkedIn - Twitter - Internet industry - FMCG The data scientist team is sitting backend that responsible for churning numbers and develop data from it. For example, Patanjali generated revenue of 10 Cr in a day. Now the question arises? - How much revenue is generated? - What are the profits? - What are the topline & bottom line? - What is the margin given to partners? - A data scientist will give you inference after reading the entire collected data. - The data scientist is the most critical and highest-paid role today. ### **#4 Full Stack Engineer** These are the champions and capable in every kind of engineering because they can understand and do: - Front end engineering - Backend engineering - Coding - Infrastructure If you are a full-stack engineer you will be highly in demand because today is the era of mobile apps that are developed with the help of full-stack engineering. ### **#5 Customer Success Specialist** This is a very critical role and you have to build the following competency: - Understand your customers - Understand the data - Have analytical skillset - Executed oriented - 24/7 Work experience You have to give customer success over a phone call or social media but ultimately you have to give it and you have to get full knowledge of social media. One important skillset 24/7 work experience is required for customer success as customers can purchase anytime. For example, Amazon is available every time to its customer and never says “no” to them. Customer success means your operations are running 24/ 7 and never be stopped. Therefore, you have to be strong in the following areas: - Operational skills - Analytical skills - Time management - Work with multiple people i.e. Teams ### **#6 Sales Development Representative** This is a critical and important role also known as SDR in many companies. This role has emerged because companies have started working on the funnel and they think they will find the same number of customers on top and bottom. If you want to be an SDR you have to build two critical competencies in you which as follows: ==Sales competency:== You should know what and how to develop the values of sales. ==Customer proposal:== You should know how to customise proposals according to the need of customers. ### **#7 Data Engineer** Data engineers work with a data scientist. You have to build the same capabilities as a data scientist. ### **#8 Cyber Security Specialist** This is a very critical role as the demand for the future time is of cyber-security. Coming time is very critical as you can see many cases of ATM hacking, website hacking, website hacking, and data theft. If you are studying in college you want to become a cyber-security specialist then you can join an online internet course on a cyber-security specialist. If you are really interested in making your career in cyber-security you make a promise to yourself to move to Israel because it is on the top of cyber-security instead of the USA, Germany, or India. Israel has many global companies on cyber-security in the world which will be a good decision for you. ### **#9 Chief Revenue Officer** A chief revenue officer is the one who brings money for the company and salaries are paid. The chief revenue officer is a very critical role today. About 2- 3 years back there were chief business officers even today also there are chief business officers who focus on sales only. Chief revenue officers not only focus on sales, but he also focuses on product and gives feedback to the product team, and explains the reasons why sales are increasing or decreasing. Chief revenue officer understands: - Product - Processes - Operations The Chief revenue officer is one who increases revenue through understanding the product. You have to build competencies to understand the product and work on the right base. For example, Mr. Paritosh Sharma shares his experience that when he hires content team members for his company, he gives them a task for the first five days of joining to watch at least 20 videos and make notes of Problem-solving courses daily. This is the culture made to understand the product first. Unless you don’t understand the product, you won’t be able to understand why a customer is paying for this product. Therefore, you need to understand the product and you will grow fast. ### **#10 Cloud Engineer** You might have seen your parents have bought a shop and they are receiving rental income out of that shop every month regularly. Many people make money out of that rental income. Cloud business is the world's largest rental business. Amazon web services are the largest company getting rental income. Amazon cloud is responsible for running all the big applications on it.  Google cloud and amazon cloud are the world’s largest rental cloud that has made massive cloud serves by massive investment. These are massive servers that cover half of the cities even in the sea and people like us are paying huge money to them. If you become a cloud engineer you will get massive growth in the cloud industry. They require network engineers, infrastructure management engineers, and marketing engineers. Competency is very niche and you should understand the infrastructure. Google cloud specialist security head creates a situation of fire every month in any cloud center. Suppose a fire occurs in a cloud station, and destruction in a data center and everything destructed. Now they have such an infrastructure that they can copy the applications by click at one switch. You don’t have to face any difficulty. This is the technology which is known as the future of the world. If you want to actually be relevant in the future you have to build these 15 skills and roles in you. You have to ensure these 15 competencies and skillsets in you for your career. These roles are technology-driven as the future of the world is technology so you should invest in online courses. You can save money on pizza parties, expensive phones, and use this money but invest in you and join an online course. You can buy a cheap mobile like Lava or Samsung and invest the save money in your online course. Invest in yourself from a job or business perspective. You can become an entrepreneur and start new ventures with the help of these roles.