This article shares his knowledge about how to choose the company that is right for you. During the final years of your college, companies come to your college for campus interviews. You sit in the campus interview with a mindset that at least you will get a job offer, job stability, job security and you will start earning a salary. You think to join the job offered and you will learn continuously. You have studies HR while you get the job role in marketing. A lot of times, you don’t get a deserving salary even you have to sign complex bonds such as you have to work with the company for 2 years or you have to pay a fine. To save yourself from such things you have to follow a clear framework that you have to follow: - Problem Being Solved - Culture - Scale - People - Business model - Will it sustain in the future? - What is an online review saying about it? - Is the Job that matches your skillset available - How will your career path be? # **#1 Problem Being Solved** - You have to see what problem is solved by the company that inspires you or comes to your college for recruitment. - For example, during COVID times many people lost their jobs. Suddenly, they lost their jobs because many companies were sustaining not because customers were paying but due to venture capital investment to earn profit for the next 5-10 years. As the money flow stopped coming from customers, these companies stopped working. - Therefore, you have to choose a company that is solving the right type of problem for their customer. Any problem for which customer is willing to pay money and never run away.        - For example, in a good hospital, the right problem is being solved such as ask you for 4000 for the COVID test or 500 for an x-ray. Therefore, you will not bargain because the problem is critical for you. Therefore, you have to search for a company that is involved in solving the critical problems of its customers. # **#2 Culture** - Culture is very important. - For example, you joined a company which is a big brand in the market and you are excited about your job role. After a few days, you realize that culture is not good, it does not treat employees well, people are working in siloes. no time for lunch there is stress and anxiety in the employees etc. but the brand is very big. Despite a big brand, you should not work because if the culture is not good you can’t sustain it in the company. # **#3 Scale** - Scale means growth that means how fast you can introduce your product or service to a wide range of people. - For example, in consulting business during COVID times we are hiring fresh talent because we are working on the scale. Director is not involved in consulting, he is clear about making a multimillion-dollar company by helping millions of entrepreneurs in changing their life. Scale can be worked when technology and people are good and companies grow automatically while working on the scale. - For example, when WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for 20 billion dollars there were only 19 employees in the company. This means that each of the employees created value worth 1 billion dollars in cash. It was possible because they envisioned scale from day one. # **#4 People** When you join a company, you have to keep in mind that you are joining a team, a boss apart from a brand. Therefore, you have to see: - Is your boss inspiring - Are the teams for which you are working well and if they have done something innovative or not? Don’t work only for the salary, you will never be successful in your life. # **#5 Business Model** - Always keep in mind companies running on venture capital investment shed like cards but companies with strong business model survived in which customer is paying money. - For example, Bada Business hired people while the rest of the companies like Ola were firing people. - Therefore, you have to consider the business model of the company if it is strong or not. The business model is strong if the customer is paying the money to a business for services. # **#6 Will it sustains in the future?** - It means you have to think if the company will sustain for the next 5-10 years or not. There are many companies listed in the stock market such as Tata. These are famous corporate groups who have sustained in the long run of even 100 years. But today many companies have closed in 3-5 years. - Therefore, you have to see that the company you are joining will sustain in the future or not. # **#7 What are Online Reviews saying about it?** - You should read about the company online reviews which are very critical. - You should read reviews about the company on social media, glass, YouTube, Facebook, Google before joining any company. - Find out the reviews of existing employees, past employees, customer reviews about the product of the company. - If you join the wrong company your career will be connected with the company. If you choose the right company you will choose a great career growth path full of energy. # **#8 Is that job that matches your skillset available or not?** - Is there any role available in the company according to your strong suit or not? - For example, your skill-set is finance while you go for an available role or HR and you joined with a hope to join finance after some time. - Before joining any company ask your boss or your senior bosses about your career path. If you do so you will end up being frustrated and downwards spiral in your career. - Go for the role according to your skill-set and ask for that from your company. # **#9 How your career path be?** - Before joining any company ask your senior managers or bosses about your career path. In case they don’t have clarity about your career path you should not join that company. - You have to keep in mind that your company has a clear career path for you. Generally, the HR department is responsible for defining your career path. - Ask them if you follow the direction given by them for the next 1-2 years how far you will succeed both in terms of satisfaction and money. The 9 points framework helps you in selecting the right company for your career. Choosing the right company is very critical, because if you choose the right company you will achieve success in your career, otherwise you will face a downfall in your career. You have to use the checklist of 9 points framework to provide speed to your career.