This article is about identifying your strengths and working towards them to be successful in life. All the students must build competency to move ahead in the future and that competency is to identify your strengths. Here is a 10 point framework in this video that will help you to know your strengths.  When you know your strengths, you will be clearly able to set goals, make the right decisions, and grow fast in your career. For example, Dr. V came to know about his strengths and his life changed fundamentally.  - He started his career as a business coach of many corporates. - In 2013, he started doing content on YouTube in English. - Gradually, he understood his strengths and clarity of customers and started doing content in Hindi. - He also stopped individual coaching as he figured out his strength of inspiring and changing the lives of millions of people. - From a learning development coaching company, he changed his company to an ed-tech company. - Today, Bada Business has its own app with around 1.5 million downloads on both android and ios. If Dr. V only wanted to earn money, he could have been a business coach only but he understood his strengths of thinking big and managing huge teams and forming a company. You also need to understand that when you figure out your strengths, you will achieve something big in life.  # **10 Point framework** ### 1. **Time management** - If you are sick and go to a hospital as there is an emergency and the doctor says that he is having tea and will attend to you later, you would never prefer to go to such a doctor again as it is an essential service and you do not see time management there. - Likewise, time management is also critical for your career. ### 2. **Persistence** - It means how many times you can bounce back in life after falling again and again. - For example, Mr. Entrepreneur had faced a lot of failures in life but he bounced back every time. He also had to sell his house to give salary to the employees. His strengths and goals were clear and therefore, he persisted. ### 3. **Communication skills** - Like the communication skills of Mr. Entrepreneur that are the best, you also need to understand how communication skills can impact your career. - For example, if Mr. Paritosh Sharma explains the video with poor communication skills, you will start making memes about him and will share them too on social media. - Therefore, it is important to build your communication skills. ### 4. **Analytical skills** - It means how good you can think, analytically. - For example, in a cricket match if a player can figure out his current run rate and also the run rate to be achieved. In this case, if he has an analytical mind, he would be able to make decisions as per the run rate and would decide the best batsman or baller or fieldsman accordingly. - Whether you are making your career in science, arts, or commerce, or anything else, analytical skills are important to be successful in life. ### 5. **Leadership** - Many people believe that leaders are born and every individual cannot be a leader. - This is not true as anyone can be a leader if he understands ownership. - The biggest quality in a leader is taking ownership of getting the work done from a large number of people. - Leadership is important as you will either be an employee or an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur and without it, you cannot achieve any of these. - If people won’t be impressed by your work or won’t consider you a leader, you cannot move ahead in life. ### 6. **Teamwork skills** - An individual cannot achieve anything big in life all alone as there is no successful man who has achieved it on its own. - For example, when Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 million, it also had 20 employees working in it. - You will have to maintain, manage, and build teamwork skills in you. ### 7. **Discipline** - The apt example of a disciple is our army forces as they survive difficult weather conditions in Siachen that goes down to -7 degrees and also fight with enemies only because they are trained to be disciplined.  - All the students have a lot to do on social media as they have a lot of opportunities to post a video on YouTube or tweet something. - However, you cannot do it all as life goes on fundamentally and the more disciplined you will be, the more you will grow in life. ### 8. **Risk-taking** - If you wish to become an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur, it is important to take risks. - While taking risks many people fear facing a failure and that must not happen. - In Silicon Valley, the risk is seen from a different perspective. As per them if you take a risk and fail, you are way ahead of an individual with an employee mindset. - Taking a risk doesn’t mean jumping off a building or asking your parents for a heavy amount of Rs. 50 lakh to invest in a business. Take calculated risks. - If you wish to take a risk, take the help of the above competencies or talk to mentors to ensure that you get some clarity. ### 9. **Innovative thinking** - In today’s time, if you can’t solve a problem innovatively, you are far behind and are not fit for the coming future. - For example, in the past 2 to 3 years, you must have not visited the banks frequently as most of the activities of the bank can be done online through mobile banking, UPI transactions, Paytm, or other fintech apps. These companies innovated to solve the problems of many and therefore, decreased the pressure on banks. - But, banks couldn’t think innovatively, and therefore, all their business banks went to Paytm, PhonePe, and other UPI apps. - If you won’t think innovatively, you will move out of the market. - If you wish to build innovative thinking, read a lot about important innovations, business news to know the latest happening in the world. ### 10. **Execution** - If you did not execute whatever you have learned in life, you cannot become a good intrapreneur or an employee or an entrepreneur. - Irrespective of facing failures, more ahead in life and execute whatever you have learned end-to-end. # **How to use the 10 point framework?** Score yourself on the above-mentioned points on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. - For example, if you can wake up early in the morning with or without an alarm and manage time and same goes for other skills. - If you give 5 to yourself on all the skills, your highest score would be 50 and if you give 1 to yourself on all the skills, your lowest score would be 10. - Therefore, after adding all the skills a fundamental score of 10 to 50 will come. - If your score is 40 or above, you will understand your strength very easily as you can take out all the skills with the highest score. For example, if you have scored yourself 5 on communication skills, that is your strength and you should move your career there only.  - If you have scored yourself 1 on discipline as you do not complete any work properly, you can neither become an intrapreneur nor an entrepreneur or an employee. Therefore, you will have to disciple yourself. With the help of the strength finder framework, you will be able to understand your strengths, will also be able to find the right career for yourself, and understand the gaps that you need to fulfill.