### How to build a personal brand and stand apart from the crowd. If you are not visible then you will be considered to be a part of the crowd. For example, people say that if you want to board the local train of Mumbai, just stand in front of the door and the crowd will push you in. Likewise, if you wish to come out of the train, just stand in front of the door and the crowd will push you out. And, this makes you a part of the crowd. If you wish to stand out of the crowd, learn how to build a personal brand, and get discovered by top companies. # **Four point framework** ### **1. How to get scholarships:** Here are some of the most famous scholarships of the globe: - Google scholarship - Microsoft scholarship - Burger king scholarship - Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise - Coca-Cola Scholars Programme Scholarship - Dell scholarship program - James W. Mclamore whopper scholarship - RMHC scholars scholarship program - TATA group scholarship - Reliance scholarship There are many more scholarships available and you can search about them on Google. Know about these top corporate scholarship programs. Go to the websites of these scholarships and read about them. If you want to crack a scholarship and get hired by a big corporate, the best way is to understand how to write a white paper or research paper. ### **2. White Paper and Research Paper:** A research paper is an extensive research-based document on which you invest time and conclude with an end-to-end result. - If you have research papers, you can apply to the above-mentioned scholarships and if your research is good and relevant, you will get a scholarship. - These scholarships vary from $1000/month to $50,000 per year and your complete education is sponsored in it. - Some corporates also sponsor your stay and other expenses only because they know that you are incredibly talented. - Therefore, ensure to write a white paper every semester. - Go to LinkedIn.com and send these white papers to Vise Presidents of these companies. - In fact, if you wish to stay a step ahead, you can also co-author your white paper with the Vise President of a company. - For example, if you are a college student but want to work on LinkedIn, you can write a white paper and invite the top leadership of any big company and co-author one such white paper every semester. - By the end of the last semester, you will be working in a big organisation in an exciting role. ### **3. LinkedIn.com:** The best platform to make a professional brand is LinkedIn.com. To understand more about it, go through other videos in the courses. ### **4. Go to networking events:** Many professional events are happening in the industry and Mr. Paritosh Sharma has personally attended. - He met many college students from IIT Delhi. IIT Bombay, ISB Hyderabad, etc. and all have a different vision. - These students have their own business cards. You can also get your business card printed through Printland.in or any other website. - Even if you are a student, you can have a business card with a designation that you make on your own and 5 competencies. - Whenever you attend an event and meet a senior person, you can give him your business card and tell him about your competencies. You can also ask him if there is an interesting project in his organisation and you can become a part of it even if as an intern. - Also, you can attend online events. - If you would have attended these events, you would have networked with many people as usually people watching these events also post on social media about them. - You must attend all the online events related to your industry or interest and network with people aggressively. >**Your network is your net worth** If you implement the above 4 points in your career, you will be able to make a successful career or will become a successful entrepreneur.