One of the most important technology platforms for entrepreneurs is **“**[****](**”**. This is a technology platform which is used by many big companies: **1.** [****](**:** Google is one of the largest companies in the world right now. **Revenue model of Google:** - Google’s main source of revenue is advertising. - Google makes money from the advertisements from lakhs of SMEs on its platforms like: - Google search visibility - YouTube - Other platforms It has a worldwide network known as **Google AdWords**. **Google’s biggest issue:** Google AdWords has now become very complex as a technology for small businessmen to understand who wants to run ads on Google to get customers from all over the world. **Solution:** - Few years back Google started a website by the name of []( - Google provides a wide range of free content on this website including lots of case studies. - This content helps entrepreneurs to understand how different brands across the world are using Google AdWords to grow their business and how can they do the same. - With the help of this website, entrepreneurs become confident in using Google AdWords. You should implement the same strategy in your business: 1. Provide free content to your customers 2. Provide quality content so that: - Customer’s decision-making ability improves - Customer develops a trust that you are solving their problems free of cost without asking them for contact details Always remember: **There are no free lunches in the world.** Google is not providing any free lunches. Google uses a very specific model, which ism- **THINK Model:** T = Trustworthy H = Helpful I = Inspiring N = Necessary K= Kind **_For example:_** **1. Tata Group:** - Whenever you hear the name of Mr. Ratan Tata, the first thing that clicks your mind is Trust. - You consume Tata salt as well as travel in Tata airlines because you trust the brand of Tata Group. **2. Amul:** You consume various products of Amul like milk, butter and other dairy products because Amul has all 5 elements of THINK model i.e. Amul is: - Trustworthy - Helpful - Inspiring - Necessary - Kind **3. Tesla Model:** - Elon musk created an electric self-driving car. - Tesla doesn’t market its products through ads or large billboards as they trust that their product is so powerful that if they follow the THINK model, customers will definitely buy their product. - They receive lakhs of orders on a daily basis; however, they are not able to fulfill all orders due to the shortage of supply. **4. Patanjali:** When Patanjali was a small company, Swami Ramdev used to do Yog Shivirs. All these Yog Shivirs used to follow the THINK model i.e.: - Swami Ramdev was Trustworthy. - He was **Helpful** to people. - He **Inspired** people. - Yoga was a **Necessity.** - He was **Kind** towards people. **5. PayTm:** PayTm developed the product and technology and marketed it with the THINK model. - **Trustworthiness:** PayTm created a model wherein you put money into the PayTm wallet from your bank account with complete trust that PayTm won’t steal or run away with your money. - **Helpful:** PayTm enables you to do transactions very fast. - **Inspiring:** The story of PayTm’s founder is very inspiring i.e. how a boy from a small town of Aligarh created such a big company. - **Necessary:** PayTm has become a necessity as you can access it wherever you go. You might not be having money in your wallet but you always have PayTm wallet with you. - **Kind:** PayTm’s support staff is very kind. You can always tweet to PayTm or go to their support centres. They always help you in a kind manner.