This note shares interview of Shashank Srivastava- Executive Director, Marketing and Sales (Maruti Suzuki India). - He joined Maruti Suzuki India just after completing his MBA. - He completed his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. - He has completed 32 years in the company. - He is a professional in marketing and sales. Shashank Srivastava shares info when big companies like Maruti Suzuki India recruits individuals, what are the qualities that look in a candidate. # **How to Prepare for an Interview?** - It is important to prepare for the interview and the preparation cannot be done in a single day. Therefore, prepare for your interview before 4 to 5 months. - If you are an expert in the subject matter, it will get easier to sit for the interview. - Keep your attitude positive as it is more important than your knowledge as it helps you to work in different environments. # **What are the Skills a Person Should Develop in the 21st Century?** - At older times, the changes in society, education system, or working culture were slow but today, the trends are changing really fast. - The trends of consumers are changing, products are changing, and therefore, your interaction level with business associates is also changing. - Therefore, you must stay updated with the latest trends apart from knowing the industry. - Again, a positive attitude will help you to accept this constant change. - To be successful, it is also important to have flexibility in your working attitude. # **What are the Tips to Develop a Positive Attitude at Work?** - Developing a positive attitude cannot be learned from a book; rather it comes from your social surrounding, education, environment, and experience. - If want to keep the attitude positive or believe in maintaining teamwork with your co-workers, you will learn about it only when you start doing it. - Also, if you play sports, it works as very good education as it helps you to learn teamwork and understand the importance of skills. - You cannot be strong at everything and therefore, you must learn how to move ahead with the strengths of other people. This is also a part of the attitude and will come with the experience if you keep the attitude right. # **How to Handle Rejection During the Interview Selection Process?** - Don’t feel sad if you get rejected in an interview as the next opportunity that will come to you would be better. - Stay psychologically strong and keep negative thoughts like you are unlucky or you didn’t prepare well out of your mind because these thoughts will do nothing but will just bother you. - If you have the right knowledge and skillset but if you are not psychologically strong, you may face problems in the future. - You may face both good times and bad times but how to handle yourself during the bad times is most important. If you manage to stay strong during the bad times, a good time will come soon. As discussed above, the 5 qualities to get hired are: 1. Preparation 2. Positive attitude 3. Flexibility and adaptability 4. Teamwork 5. Don’t lose hope These tips are very simple but take you to success.