This notes shares the following top 10 practical resources that will help you to become a good employee, entrepreneur, or intrapreneur: - Top 10 YouTube channels - Top 10 LinkedIn Accounts - Top 10 Twitter Accounts - Top 10 incubators This top 10 list is critical for you as it will help you to become a successful employee, entrepreneur, or intrapreneur. # **Top 10 YouTube channels that you should follow** **1. TED Talks:** You might have seen the Hindi version hosted by Mr.  Shahrukh Khan. You might also have seen Hindi videos as well. You ensure to follow TED talks because: - These TED talks are Interesting & mind-opening. - They won’t give you academic knowledge like 1+ 1=2, but the real experiences of innovators. **2. Arvind Gupta:** This is a channel of Arvind Gupta. They do science experiments which are quite interesting and your brain will start thinking about new things. You might be an art or a business student but this is a training exercise of your mind. The more you expand your mind, the more you learn about new things. It is not necessary that you have to do scientific experiments in your career, but you might implement the learning from these experiments in your career. **3. Unacademy:** Many of You might be following Unacademyand studying for the entrance exam on this channel **4. Logical Baniya:** This is a very interesting channel as the names sound cool ”logical baniya”. They give you riddles to solve in the Hindi language. This is an interesting exercise that will sharpen your mind as you have to think. The more you think your brain starts rewiring; you start thinking logically and your EQ/IQ will improve. **5. Crash Course:** You should watch this interesting youtube channel. **6. Thomas Frank:** This channel is known as “electric eye91”. They do videos that will make your college life productive. They will give you amazing productive tasks that are only for college students. **7. MIT Open Course Ware:** MIT is one of the most trusted technology institutions in the world. MIT is in Boston (USA) and they have openly free many courses through videos. Their top-quality professors are teaching for free in the world. **8. THNKR:** THNKR is an interesting motivation & learning based channel. Apart from motivation, they have practical learnings and amazing interviews with good content. **9. The School of Life:** They explain to you how your life changes when you enter professional life from your college life. You will face new experiences including stress and depression and many other things in life. This channel will explain to you how to understand life. **10. Inspiria:** This is a very interesting channel which is an Indian company also. You go to this channel where you will find good content and you will learn many things about life. # **Top 12 Mobile Apps** These mobile apps are not apps to kill time rather than time gain apps. **1. Bada Business App:** Bada Business app will change your life and you should download it on your iOS phone and ensure that you take our Problem-solving courses and Everything about Entrepreneurship course. It will change your attitude towards life. **2. Todoist:** Most of the students fail because they have big dreams but they never implement Todoist. We never tell ourselves daily that what work we have to do. We never tell ourselves: - What I am going to achieve today? - Where I have to make calls? - How many meetings I have today? - What value I am going to add today? We never have a Todoist because this is not explained to us during college. There are many colleges in which this basic education is not given. You should download Todoist and update your daily Todolist in it. For example, if you want to read a book write in it the time during which you will read the book. It will help you to get an update of your work at the month’s end. You can see your own report card how much time you have wasted or how much time you have actually spent on productive things. **3. Google Calendar:** You should schedule your work daily on Google Calendar. If you have not scheduled you can’t move forward in your life. For example, Mr. Paritosh schedules his entire day on Google calendar even if it is his personal work such as family dinner, anniversary. He need not recall anything as Google Calendar is set. **4. Skype/ Google Hangouts:** These are video calling apps. There are other apps as well but these are the most recommended apps. They are easy to use and good quality also. **5. LinkedIn App:** Linked in is the world's largest professional social network. You should download the app on your phone and start connecting with people. **6. Youtube App:** You should ensure that you watch the top 10 channels discussed in this video on this app. **7. Duolingo:** It is an English learning app for students who are not good at English and find it tough to speak in English. **8. Money control:** This app will help you understanding: - How to control money? - How to built wealth? - How to take the right decision about money? Suppose that you are getting pocket money every month. You can invest Rs. 500 monthly in SIP for at least 10 years or buy one stock of a big Indian company every month. You have to invest by considering the future of the company on a money control app and you will collect a big wealth after 10 years for sure. This is because you have learned to invest money. Money is made out of two things: - Save money - Earn money The third method is about investing money that no one will tell you. You are actually moving into a professional career to making money. Therefore, you should ensure that you download the money control app. **9. Mint:**  This app will tell you about your expenses and help you to control expenses. Suppose you went with your friends for a pizza party and spent Rs. 1000 but you can save this amount and invest in some mutual funds. **10. Headspace:** Today cases of depression, anxiety, and stress are increasing and many people even lost their lives. This has been started in student life now. This is a mediation app where you have to take a long breath and deep focus on yourself. Life is a very important and most critical thing for us. Life is a gift for us and let the gift not go away and meditate. **11. TCY:** This is a very interesting app and helps in your entrance exam preparation. **12. Amazon Kindle:** If you do not build reading as a habit and competency you will remain back. You have to move ahead of even Elon Musk, but you will do it only if you read. If you read more your mind will open and you will gain new experiences & learnings. You should download Amazon Kindle where you can download books at an affordable rate. You should read at least one book in a month. # **10 People you have to follow on LinkedIn** You should ensure to start connecting with senior people of companies. Some might accept your LinkedIn while some of them might not accept which is fine. If they have liked your profile you are very near to your right job role. These are 10 people who have given tr title of “Most Active Influencers of India” by []( **1. Ankur Warikoo:** He runs a company known as []( that he sold to Paytm. **2. Sairee Chahal:** He is CEO of SHEROES **3. Siddarth Pai:** He is the Founder& General Partner of Saina Capital. He is the son of Mr.  Mohandas Pai. **4. Amit Somani:** He is the partner of Prime Ventures Partners that is a big venture capital fund. **5. Hari T.N:** He is the HR head of Big Basket who is promoted by Mr. Shahrukh Khan. **6. Tapan Singhal:** He is managing director Bajaj Allianz General Insurance **7. Ritesh Malik:** He is the founder of innov8 coworking space. He sold his company to OYO rooms and he is an amazing person. **8. Paras Chopra:** He is the founder of a company called Wingify. He is an incredible entrepreneur as he started this company after a long struggle and today it is a multimillion company surviving purely on their own revenues. He shares great conversations and mind-opening content. **9. Jason Fried:** He is co-founder and CEO of the company named 37 signals. **10. Mohandas Pai:** Mr. Mohandas Pai needs no introduction today. He has done many other things after Infosys and is a big venture capitalist today. He has invested in many thriving companies. You should try to connect with these 10 people and if you cannot connect you can follow them. Your life will change. # **Top 10 Twitter Accounts** You should make a Twitter account as it is an interesting platform but keep in mind that the more you are on social media there are chances of wasting your time. Therefore, you should follow specific people on social media. **1. Paras Chopra:** Owner of Wingify **2. Sridhar Vembu:** Cofounder of Zoho **3. Vijay Shekhar Sharma:** Founder of Paytm **4. Amit Ranjan:** Cofounder of Slideshare **5. Dr. A Velumani:** Professor of Bada Business and owner of Thyrocare **6. Alok Kejriwal:** Founder of Rodinhoods community **7. Peter Thiel:** Peter Thiel started a large hedge fund in the USA, faced many losses, and had a big bounce back after investing in Facebook. He is one of the big venture capitalists of the world today. **8. Ray Dalio:** Ray Dalio is a big hedge fund manager today and one of the richest people in the world.  You should follow Ray Dalio due to his mind-changing insights. He will give you very practical advice from his experiences. **9. Anand Mahindra:** Mr. Mahindra is the owner of Mahindra& Mahindra is an incredible person. He is active on Twitter and would even reply to you. **10. Hiten Shah:** He is the co-founder of Kissmetrics. He has strong product knowledge. You should follow him and realize that your career will move forward. These are the 10 most important Twitter accounts that you should follow.  As you start following on Twitter will be some interest for you and start you showing such profiles. As a result, your company will improve, you will stop wasting time and start investing your time. You will understand how these people became good employees, good entrepreneurs, and finally successful entrepreneurs. # **Top 10 Incubators** If you want to startup and become an entrepreneur you should know ecosystems and incubators that you should join to grow fast. You should make a list and pitch your startups to these incubators. You will get the following: - Funding - Incubation - Network access **1. Y Combinator:** It is a US-based incubator and world-famous accelerator. Many Indian companies have emerged out of Y Combinator are highly successful today. Therefore, if Y combinator selects you will achieve success for sure. **2. CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad:**  IIM Ahmedabad runs an incredible startup accelerator. You don’t have to be an IIM student It incubates outside entrepreneurs from the IIM campus and helps them in growing their startups. **3. IIM Bangalore:**  IIM Bangalore is an incredible incubator as it will help you in the following: - Incubates you - Accelerates your startup - Connects you to a large network - Avails you funding **4. IIIT Hyderabad:** It is an incredible institution that is technology-focused. If you are trying for a technology-based startup, you should connect with IIT Hyderabad and they will change your life. **5. The Indus Entrepreneurs:** It is a global community of startups. It is not an incubator but if you join this community, chances are high you will get large network access and visibility. **6. NASSCOM (10,000 Startups):** NASSCOM is a big industry association that is very much influential in our country India. They represent the entire IT industry But NASSCOM 10,000startup is an initiative only for startups. The government and NASSCOM have collected money from corporates with a dream of providing an incubation platform to 10,000 startups. They give you free resources and you can use them. **7. Textar:** Textar is a global initiative just like Y combinator started in the US. It has a chapter in Bangalore. They incubate startups with a technology-oriented mindset but they are sector and platform agnostic. **8. Villgro:** They focus on social enterprise means if have some social benefit startup they will incubate you. **9. BITS Pilani:** They have an incubator known as TBI- Technology Business Incubator. They have incubated many amazing startups. If you get a chance you should incubate in TBI. **10. Indian Angel Network:** Basically, it’s a large group of angel’s networks. It is not an incubator itself but they can provide you access therefore their name is involved in this list. **11. TLABS:** TLABS is an incubator of Times Group that print Times of India. Their other companies are Times internet and []( TLABS  is an incubator that is involved in: - Fund - Venture capitalist - Investor You should list your startup name in these 11 incubators and pitch them. If you join these networks especially Y Combinator, IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Bangalore, IIT Hyderabad, TIE, Textar your startup will show a J curve in your growth. You will get a large network, funding a connection with many people.