Building a Magnetic Personal Brand on Social Media

Similar and Important for Everyone

Developing one's personality is a crucial aspect of personal growth and success. It is a process that involves learning and practicing skills that help an individual become more attractive, influential, inspiring, and persuasive. Starting the journey of personality development at an early age, such as during student life, can be incredibly advantageous in the long run. This is because, as one progresses in life, the need to attract, influence, inspire, and convince people becomes increasingly important. In fact, these skills are essential not just for students but for everyone, regardless of their age, profession, or background. Whether you are a business owner, a corporate manager, a teacher, a salesperson, or a job seeker, developing your personality can help you become more confident, assertive, and successful in achieving your goals. Therefore, it is crucial to invest time and effort in personality development, as it can have a significant impact on both your personal and professional life.

Both External and Internal

When discussing the topic of influencing people, it's important to note that it's not just about one's external appearance or communication skills in developing their personality. For instance, you might be swayed to purchase a car based on its looks, only to later discover that it's not functioning properly or isn't as strong on the inside. This is a situation where the issue lies in the car's lack of internal quality compared to its attractive exterior. 

Similarly, personality development works in the same way. If you only focus on presenting a positive image on the outside, you'll eventually fail. That's why the formula to remember is: I = Internal + External. In order to succeed, you should possess good appearance, speaking skills, listening skills, the right mentality, increased confidence, the ability to disregard people's opinions of you, and strong leadership skills.

Includes Theory and Practical

Personality development is a crucial aspect of our lives, and both theoretical and practical knowledge play a significant role in it. Unfortunately, most schools and colleges don't teach it, and many people fail to recognize its importance. However, with proper guidance, people from all walks of life can understand its benefits.

In the first part of the personality development course, you watched videos on various topics such as the right mindset, self-confidence, leadership, team management, IQ and EQ, and adaptation and flexibility. All these factors work together to strengthen your mentality, enabling you to make better decisions and handle challenging situations.

Remember, personal development is a valuable time-saver. The more you improve yourself, the less time you'll take to achieve your goals.

What does personality stand for?

P - People/Psychology: Understand people, be with them, and comprehend situations. This will enhance your understanding as well.

E - External: It includes everything that is external, like adjusting with others, understanding them, expressing yourself, and knowing how to work well in the office.

R - Reason: Everything should have a reason or a goal.

S - Social: Meet people, network with them, give speeches, and conduct meetings.

O - Observe: Learning requires observation, so you must observe and implement what you learn.

N - Needs: Understand your needs and the needs of others, such as your customers' and employees' needs.

A - Appearance: Work on your looks, appearance, and body language.

L - Learning: Learning leads to improvement.

I - Internalize: It helps you understand how to handle things in life and make them part of your personality.

T - Think: Without thinking, you cannot move ahead.

Y - Yes, I can: If you have a positive mindset, you can get up after falling."