The Art of Winning Over Customer Hearts & Minds
Photo by Lala Azizli / Unsplash

The Art of Winning Over Customer Hearts & Minds

Are you interested in learning how to attract and retain customers? Do you want to know how to effectively persuade a customer to purchase your product or service? It's important to recognize that every person has the ability to sell, whether they realize it or not. Even seemingly unrelated interactions, such as a politician campaigning for votes or a person proposing to their significant other, involve some form of selling oneself. In fact, even professionals such as lawyers and employees engage in sales when they attempt to convince a judge or employer, respectively. However, there are certain strategies that can be employed to increase the likelihood of successfully convincing a potential customer. In this text, we will explore one such strategy in detail.

Features vs. Benefits

When it comes to selling a product, it is essential to focus on the benefits it offers to the customer rather than just its features. Features are what make up your product while benefits are what make an impact on the lives of the people using it. Therefore, when pitching your product to a customer, it is important to break it down into two key points: the product itself and the impact it will have on the customer's life.

To gain a better understanding of this concept, let's take the example of a pen. The feature of the pen may be the grip, which is good. However, the benefit to the customer is that their hand will not get tired of writing with this pen as its grip is good. Similarly, if the pen has the nib of German technology, the feature is related to the product, but the benefit is that the customer's handwriting will improve. The feature of the pen being beautiful in appearance relates to the product, while the benefit is that it will enhance the customer's personality. If the ink of the pen will run for a long time, this is a feature, but the benefit to the customer is that they won't have to spend money on purchasing a new pen again and again. Finally, if the pen is cost-effective, it is a feature, but the benefit to the customer is that they will save money.

Similarly, when it comes to selling a mobile phone, the features are 4 GB RAM, 21 Mega Pixel Camera, 4000 mAh battery, display of Tough Hard Quality, and 128 GB Memory. However, the benefits to the customer are that 4 GB RAM will increase the speed of processing and gaming, the 21 Mega Pixel Camera will get them thousands of likes on Facebook, the 4000 mAh battery eliminates the need to carry a power bank or battery backup, the display of Tough Hard Quality ensures that the screen won't break if the phone slips from the user's hand, and the 128 GB Memory ensures that they won't have to delete messages due to lack of space.

To convince someone to buy your product, always try to connect with them and focus on making them successful. If you can make your customer's life successful, they will make your life successful in return.