The Rise of Samuel, Israel’s Last Judge

Decline of Eli’s Sons Rise of Samuel
Wickedness of Eli’s sons (1 Sam. 2:12–17) Samuel approved by Eli (1 Sam. 2:18–21)
Eli reproves his sons (1 Sam. 2:22–25) Samuel grows in favor (1 Sam. 2:26)
Prophecy against Eli and sons (1 Sam. 2:27–36; cf. 4:11–18) Samuel called and given prophetic word (1 Sam. 3:1–4:1a)
The Philistines; the ark and Eli’s house [defeat/capture/covenant defiled] (1 Sam. 4:1b–22) The Philistines; the ark and Samuel [return/victory/covenant renewed] (1 Sam. 7:2–17)