The Secret to Increasing Your Customer Base: It's Not What You Think

The real secret to building stronger customer relationships. Your best customers are the ones who keep coming back for more and who refer their friends and family to your business. They're loyal because they feel valued and appreciated. They know that you care about them and their needs.

As an example, let's consider an entrepreneur in the lodging business who has achieved remarkable success. In the financial year ending 2020, his revenue was an impressive $15,000 million, and his business is valued at $10 billion. With hundreds of hotel rooms and partnerships with hotels in more than 80 countries, his market reach is impressive.

So, how did he achieve this kind of growth? According to the entrepreneur, the key to growing from one customer to many customers is through strategic insights and planning. He shared some of his strategies on how he took his lodging business from one hotel to hotel rooms in more than 80 countries around the world.

The entrepreneur had a clear vision from the beginning. When starting with just one hotel, he asked himself the burning question of how to establish five hotels and how to target hundreds of customers from just one. To achieve this, he realized that it was essential to focus on customer satisfaction and to provide exceptional service. He also believed in the power of partnerships and worked hard to establish relationships with other hotels in different countries.

Another key strategy that the entrepreneur used was to leverage technology. By using social media and other online platforms, he was able to reach a broader audience and connect with potential customers. He also invested in technology to improve the customer experience, such as developing mobile apps for booking rooms and providing online customer support.

The entrepreneur's success in the lodging business can be attributed to his clear vision, focus on customer satisfaction, and strategic use of partnerships and technology. By following these strategies, any entrepreneur can increase their customer base and grow their business to new heights.

From Seedling to Forest: Growing Your Customer Base 

The journey of a small hotel owner located at City Centre, who went from having just one customer to having a hundred customers, was a remarkable one. The key point of this success was the replication of partners and customers. 

The owner's team studied various websites to understand what people look for in a hotel stay, and they replicated all those points in their hotel. As a result, the owner's occupancy rate rose from a mere 19% to a staggering 90%. This was a significant achievement that caught the attention of many people in the city.

However, the question remained: how could they replicate this success? The team needed to bring in more customers and partner with other hotels. They knew that replicating their strategy would require a lot of hard work and dedication. 

As soon as the occupancy rate rose, word spread quickly around the city that the small hotel had managed to increase its business significantly. This was an excellent opportunity to replicate their success by partnering with more hotels. The team worked tirelessly to build relationships with other hotel owners and create a network of partners. 

The journey from having just one customer to having a hundred customers was a significant achievement. It was all possible due to the replication of partners and customers, a dedicated team, and a willingness to learn and grow.

Getting Partnership

After successfully establishing his business in South City 1, the owner of a small guesthouse received widespread recognition and appreciation for his services. As word spread, many other small guesthouse owners expressed interest in partnering with him. They found his website, which prominently displayed a phone number, and started calling to explore potential business opportunities. The owner was thrilled to receive so many inquiries and began collaborating with several of these partners to reach his business goals. The partnership proved to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved, as each partner was able to leverage their strengths and resources to increase their market share and deliver high-quality services to their customers.

Discount offers

The entrepreneur had a brilliant idea to boost occupancy levels for their partners' hotels and offer discounts to their customers at the same time. They started distributing coupons to their customers who were staying with them, offering a 10 to 20% discount in their partner hotels. Customers were encouraged to share these coupons with their friends, resulting in a word-of-mouth promotion that proved to be very effective.

Thanks to this promotion, occupancy levels for their partner hotels increased from 20% to 90%. Customers were thrilled with the affordable rooms that were clean, neat and equipped with various amenities like Wi-Fi and air-conditioning. In addition to the discounts, Lodge rooms started another promotion by giving out small toiletry kits filled with toiletries and discount coupons.

The toiletry kits proved to be an excellent marketing tool as customers started using them at home and recommending them to their friends and family. This helped spread the word about the services offered by the entrepreneur's company.

To further promote their services, a TV advertisement was also created. The entrepreneur believed that establishing a cloud kitchen required making profits so that more people would want to partner with them and share in the profits. Menulog and Uber also recommend profit-sharing ventures like this to increase profits.

Customers were delighted with the delicious home-cooked food they received from the cloud kitchen and were eager to share their positive experiences with others. The entrepreneur's focus on providing quality services and offering discounts and promotions helped them establish a successful business and attract more customers.

Mirroring the Heart of Your Business: The Power of Replication

If you want to replicate partners and customers quickly, there are certain steps you can follow. To begin with, focus on replicating 1 to 100 customers and 1 to 5 partners. This will ensure that you can expand your business efficiently without overburdening yourself. By replicating your customers and partners, you can establish a strong network that will help you reach your business goals. So, start with a small target and then gradually increase your replication efforts as you gain more experience and resources.

Team Building

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest challenges is to build a team that can help you grow your business. As your business expands, you will soon realize that you cannot handle everything on your own and you need a team to work alongside you. It's important to look for partnerships that will work with you in the long-term and contribute to the growth of your business.

To illustrate this point, let's take a look at the story of Mr. Entrepreneur. Initially, he ran a call center by himself, picking up the phone and handling all the calls himself. However, as his business started to grow, he realized that he needed help. That's when he hired his first employee, a young intern who later became known as Employee No.1.

One day, Employee No.1 received a call from a person who wanted to speak to Mr. Entrepreneur and asked to be connected to the CEO's office. Employee No.1 promptly connected the call to Mr. Entrepreneur, and that's how he was able to speak to Entrepreneur X, with whom he had worked on previous ventures.

Entrepreneur X was a highly qualified individual with extensive experience in running several successful companies. He was currently working as a consultant and was immediately impressed by Mr. Entrepreneur's idea and concept. Despite being informed that Mr. Entrepreneur could not afford his services, Entrepreneur X persisted and came over to meet Mr. Entrepreneur in person. They had an exciting discussion, but Mr. Entrepreneur still could not afford to hire him.

Undeterred, Entrepreneur X proposed an alternative solution. He suggested that he could join Mr. Entrepreneur's company as a shareholder and settle for stock options instead of a salary. For the first two years, Entrepreneur X did not receive any salary but was able to generate significant value for Mr. Entrepreneur's business. He helped it grow from one hotel to more than five hotels.

The lesson here is that building a team is crucial to the success of any business. However, it's important to take only those people into your team who believe in your idea and are willing to work for the long-term growth of your business. As an entrepreneur, you need to be open to alternative solutions and be willing to think outside the box to attract the right talent to your team.


In this article, we will delve into the various strategies implemented by Mr. Entrepreneur that helped him achieve success in his business. Firstly, Mr. Entrepreneur was very cautious when it came to choosing his business partners. He understood the importance of having reliable and trustworthy partners who shared his values. He visited various web portals to gain insights into how to improve his business and found out that rooms ranking higher in web searches could boost his business. He took the necessary steps to invest in the requirements needed to improve his online presence. Additionally, Mr. Entrepreneur helped his hotel partners to increase their occupancy rates from a mere 19% to an impressive 90%.

Secondly, Mr. Entrepreneur paid close attention to his customers' needs and ensured that they were always satisfied. He provided them with essential amenities such as breakfast, Wi-Fi, and clean linen. He also made sure to fulfill any promises made to the customers. Moreover, he ensured that his customers received a plethora of benefits at a reasonable price.

Lastly, Mr. Entrepreneur also focused on retaining his existing customers. He offered various discounts and coupons, ranging from 10% to 20%, to his loyal customers. He also relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing, which accounted for a whopping 92% to 93% of his overall marketing strategy. By providing excellent customer service and fulfilling their needs, Mr. Entrepreneur was able to retain his customers effectively.

In conclusion, Mr. Entrepreneur's strategies have proven to be highly effective in expanding his business from one to many customers. It is essential to brainstorm with your team and choose the most suitable strategy for your business to achieve similar success.