Transliteration of Greek Words in the ESV Study Bible

Letter Name of Letter Transliteration
α alpha a
β bēta b
γ gamma g
γ gamma nasal n (before g, k, x, c)
δ delta d
ε epsilon e
ζ zēta z
η ēta ē
θ thēta th
ι iōta i
κ kappa k
λ lambda l
μ mu m
ν nu n
ξ xi x
ο omicron o
π pi p
ρ rho r
ρ̒ initial rho rh (or in medial double rho)
σ, ς sigma, final sigma s
τ tau t
υ upsilon y (not in diphthong)
υ upsilon u (in diphthongs: au, eu, ēu, ou, ui)
φ phi ph
χ chi ch
ψ psi ps
ω ōmega ō
rough breathing mark h (preceding initial vowel)