Vital skills for project managers in today's workplace

Vital skills for project managers in today's workplace

It is important to learn from everyone, regardless of occupation or social status. The knowledge and experience of a labourer who digs ditches can be just as valuable as that of a CEO.

Maintaining a balance between your project management career and your personal life is important. It would be best not to let your career consume your entire existence, as it can lead to negative consequences in the long run. Instead, strive to be the master of your career and don't let it take over your energy and soul. Letting your career be a significant part of your life is okay, but make sure it doesn't become the majority. You may experience physical and emotional suffering if you let your career take control of you. Therefore, taking control of your career from the beginning is crucial, and never letting it take control of you.

When dealing with emotional situations, remain calm and composed. If you make mistakes, try not to get too upset. Acknowledge your feelings, but don't do anything that could harm your career, like speaking ill of your bosses or quitting impulsively. Remember that your career is a journey, not a sprint. It takes time to gain enough experience and age to be trusted with more critical roles. In the meantime, keep a positive attitude and enjoy life.

Maintaining a sense of humour and not taking things too seriously is essential. Being overly angry or upset can have negative consequences on your well-being. Therefore, it's best to laugh and enjoy life as much as possible. Remember that those who laugh the most tend to live longer and better lives.

Let's keep in mind that we are all part of the same family.

Much like other occupational professionals, project managers are part of a self-selected family. This family has leaders, followers, siblings, aunts, and even some eccentric uncles we keep locked away. Disagreements and disputes occur; outsiders may sometimes view our family as dysfunctional. However, within the safety of our family walls, each member expresses an abundance of love in various ways. When times get tough, we can always count on our family to lend a helping hand, as we would do the same for them in return.

Incorporate rituals into your work routine to improve job satisfaction and productivity.

Effective project management involves a series of established practices that are widely recognised and agreed upon. These practices are designed to acknowledge the importance of financial resources, prioritise the construction of our workspaces, and celebrate the process of creating something new. Rather than resist these practices, it is beneficial to embrace, learn, and incorporate them into your approach to project management.

It is important to embrace and celebrate the unique qualities that make each individual different from one another.

The strength of steel does not solely depend on the pure molecules of ferrous oxide/iron within it, as it is not refined to begin with. Instead, it comes from the small "impurities" that unite the iron molecules in a robust and resilient matrix.

Listening to and recognising the wisdom of everyone you work with is essential. You can learn just as much from the labourer who digs your ditches as you can from the CEO who denies your request for a raise.

It is common to encounter general misunderstandings and biases from the management community. Unless someone has been a project manager, they may not fully comprehend the job's difficulty.

Despite the glamour involved, managers often earn less than the employees they supervise, particularly when considering the hours they typically put in.

Do not worry about petty jealousies from others. Stay focused on the tasks and what you need to do to achieve the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of your career.

Kevin is an entrepreneur who runs an engineering design service with project management knowledge and a Master's qualification. He can be contacted via email at kevin@appliedproject.com.