Why is it important for management to ensure that tools are sharp?
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Why is it important for management to ensure that tools are sharp?

To work efficiently and safely, tools should be kept sharp. Follow these tips: use the right tools and techniques, store them properly, and sharpen them as needed. This will improve productivity and create a better workplace.

When it comes to business, the most practised part is busyness as everyone likes to keep busy and assumes the company grow by working hard, but its the opposite, the more profitable part of business, we need to stop, think, sharpen our tools and start the process often, as a lack of innovative methods kills business growth; if we can't sharpen our skills and growth tools, then we are subjected to left behind in this game.

Story of Axeman to read.

Once there was a weary axeman who travelled far and wide in search of work. He had been wandering for months, chopping down trees and clearing land, but he was never able to find a permanent job. The axeman was tired and hungry, and his muscles ached from all the hard work.

One day, as he was walking through a dense forest, he stumbled upon a small village. The villagers welcomed him with open arms and offered him a place to rest. They told him of a great tree that stood in the center of the forest, which was said to be enchanted. The axeman was intrigued and decided to investigate the matter.

The next day, he set out into the forest, determined to find the tree. After hours of walking, he finally came upon it. The tree was massive and its branches reached high into the sky. As the axeman approached the tree, he noticed that its bark was covered in strange markings.

He took out his axe and began to chop at the tree. But no matter how hard he tried, the axeman could not make a dent in the tree's bark. Frustrated and exhausted, he sat down at the foot of the tree and began to weep.

Suddenly, he heard a voice calling out to him. It was the tree's voice, and it spoke to him in a gentle tone. The tree told the axeman that it was enchanted and could only be chopped down by someone with a pure heart and good intentions.

The axeman realized that he had been so focused on finding work and making money that he had forgotten the importance of kindness and compassion. He made a vow to change his ways and to always act with goodness in his heart.

With a newfound sense of purpose, the axeman picked up his axe and began to chop at the tree once again. This time, the tree's bark began to crack and break apart. With one final swing, the axeman brought the tree crashing to the ground.

The villagers rejoiced and celebrated the axeman's victory. They offered him a permanent job in the village, and the axeman happily accepted. From that day forward, he lived a life filled with purpose and meaning, and he never forgot the lesson that the enchanted tree had taught him.

Smarten your business skills.

Considering the above example, what might be the best scenario if you were put in a situation to clean logs? The experienced logger will climb a tree, clear key logs, and leave them to the rest team, whereas amateur loggers start from the edge and move to each log in turn. But if you like to be unique, the best practice will be to think and act like a professional logger by being smarter, more efficient and a time saver, which can be built by continuous learning and practice.

Story of Jack the Logger in reference to this context to read.

Once upon a time, there was a logger named Jack. Jack was known for being the smartest logger in the forest. He was always finding new and innovative ways to fell trees and transport them to the sawmill.

One day, Jack was tasked with cutting down a particularly large tree that was leaning over a nearby stream. The other loggers were stumped on how to safely bring the tree down without causing damage to the surrounding environment.

But Jack had an idea. He carefully measured the angle and weight of the tree and then used a series of ropes and pulleys to slowly guide the tree down to the ground, avoiding any damage to the stream or nearby plants.

His fellow loggers were impressed with his ingenuity and began to look to him for guidance on other logging tasks. Jack became known as the go-to logger for any difficult job in the forest.

Despite his success, Jack never let his intelligence go to his head. He always remained humble and willing to help his fellow loggers. And that is why he was not only the smartest logger in the forest but also the most respected.

Make sure you don't miss the opportunities.

Focus is the key to not missing the opportunities, just as a leopard focus on its pray and selects to hunt before beginning; even when hunting, many preys pass by, but it keeps focus on one animal and hunts, so it should be the intent to attain our goal ignoring distractions, that doesn't mean missing better opportunities.

Story of Jack the Entrepreneur to read

Once upon a time, a young man named Jack dreamed of becoming a successful businessman. One day, he got an opportunity to attend a business conference where he could meet potential investors and partners.

Excited and well-prepared, Jack went to the conference but unfortunately missed the chance to network with the right people. He got lost in the crowd and couldn't find his way to the main hall where the important people were gathered.

Feeling devastated, Jack returned home with a heavy heart, regretting his missed opportunity. He realized that he should have been more prepared and focused on his goal instead of getting distracted by other things.

However, he didn't give up on his dream and continued to work hard, building his business from scratch. He learned from his mistake and made sure to attend every conference and meeting with a clear plan and purpose.

Years later, Jack's business became a huge success, and he became a well-known entrepreneur in his community. He often considered the missed opportunity a valuable lesson that taught him the importance of preparation, focus, and determination.

Stubborn Management

If you think your managers are stubborn and hard to move through the traditional way then try better methods by providing reasons they understand and motivate their way. Just like this tale;

Once upon a time, a stubborn calf refused to budge from his spot in the pasture. Despite the farmer's best efforts, the calf remained rooted to the ground, causing frustration and concern among the workers. No amount of coaxing or prodding could convince the calf to move.

One day, a woman passing by noticed the commotion and approached the workers. Sensing their struggle, she kindly offered to help. She walked up to the calf and whispered something in its ear. To everyone's surprise, the calf immediately stood up and began to follow the woman.

The workers were amazed and thanked the woman for her help. They asked her what she said to the calf that made it move, but she smiled and said it was a secret. From that day on, the calf no longer refused to move, and the workers were grateful for the woman's kindness and wisdom.

And that's the secret business person needs to apply based on the situation.